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Sex Guessing Game or even worse!

I have been think all lot about The Sex Guessing Game that we often play in our game
We have some sexual desire that we want our spouse to fulfill, we ‘think’ it and imagine it and even fantasize about it, but we are not open towards our spouse by actually sharing our need or desire and we expect them, in some supernatural way, to guess what we want.
This is often the cause of hurt and resentment, because your spouse does not guess what you want and you respond by sulking or experiencing rejection. It is so important that we create ways and opportunities to share our dreams, desire and fantasies.
However, I believe that there is an even worse situation…. And this is when one of you is open to share these dreams and desires and wants, but your spouse does not respond to them. What a comedown! Often sharing is very difficult, but when you actually cross that threshold and open yourself up and there is no response, it causes hurt and closes a door that was opened with hope and desire.
Sometimes it is very difficult for your spouse to share a desire or fantasy. Often the sharing was first thought through, chewed on. Maybe a sense of fear had to be pushed out of the way…… And then the disappointment.???

I think it is so important that we respond to our spouses ‘hints’ and take them very seriously.  Yes, SEX is a game, but it is just so much better with two players in the game.
What suggestions can the readers make for all of us to manage this if you are the one being open, but not getting any response.

sexy kahaniya editors encourage readers to write stories that help marriage couples with their communication so that the sex guessing game becomes a winning proposition for your marriage.

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