Breast Sex Fantasy romantic sex story


Breast Sex Fantasy romantic sex story

Breast Sex Fantasy My hubby and I are new to Marriage Heat, and we love this site so far! It is very inspirational to hear about other couples’ love stories and to get ideas about how to spice up our love life. Within the last year, we decided that I should get off of birth control pills due to some health issues I was experiencing. We still use protection, but getting off the bc pill was one of the best decisions I ever made. Before I started taking the pill, I had a high sex drive, but while I was on the pill, my sex drive was very low. I always loved and desired my husband, but my body did not crave sex as it had previously. Recently, I have noticed that my sex drive has amped up considerably. I make love with my hubby as many times a week as he wants now, and I want to masturbate often. I love it! I have also found the courage to own my sexuality as a woman and to be able to tell my husband some secret sexual fantasies that I have. I have always needed to think about a sexual fantasy to orgasm, but I had a hard time telling my husband about my fantasies.

The following is a fantasy that arouses me when I am making love with my husband.

One afternoon he comes home from work, and I am ready with a surprise for him. I come out of the bathroom wearing a negligee that shows off my breasts. I am a curvy woman, and I know that he loves looking at and touching my tits. He is wearing his royal blue button down shirt and yellow tie that I love with a pair of khakis. I greet him at the door with a sensual kiss and tell him I am going to treat him to something special tonight. First, I loosen his tie and put it around my neck. Next, I begin to unbutton his shirt slowly. When I finish unbuttoning his shirt, I pull it open and begin to kiss his muscular, ripped muscles. I gently kiss his pecs working my way towards his nipples, which I then let my tongue tenderly circle and suck. I also caress his chest softly with the tips of my fingers. I take the time to admire his body and to let him know how much he turns me on. I proceed downward kissing his abs, and I flick my tongue around his navel. I can hear him let out a “Mmmm” as I get closer to his pants.

Next, I kneel in front of him and unbuckle his belt. I finger his pants button and his zipper for a moment allowing his longing to build. Then I unbutton his pants and unzip his zipper, and I proceed to lick his happy trail teasingly. I pull his pants down to his knees, and I begin to kiss and touch his penis through his boxer briefs. I can feel him getting hard! I pull his shorts down only in the back and begin to caress his buttocks. He has an amazing ass, muscular and full, and it feels great in my hands. All of my efforts so far have had one goal, to increase his desire and arousal, to get his manhood fully at attention.

My next goal is to start fulfilling that desire. After teasing his body for about five minutes, I go ahead and remove his pants and briefs all the way. He is now fully erect, and I can tell he wants a release. I take him by the hand and lead him over to his favorite recliner over which I have laid a soft beach towel. I have him sit down and lay his head back, so he is comfortable. I begin to stroke the shaft of his penis up and down with one hand and to caress his testicles with the other. I have applied some very moist chapstick, and I am ready to use it. I kiss the underside of the head of his penis softly, at first, and then I begin to lick his head firmly. I take his full head into my mouth, covering my teeth with my full moist lips, and I begin to suck on his head. My fingers continue to massage his shaft and to fondle his testicles. He tells me that he is close to the edge, and he would rather be able to climax by thrusting inside me. I gently remove my mouth from his head, and I ask him if he would like to try something new tonight. He responds positively, so we move to the next phase.

I have a squeeze bottle of massage oil that I have been warming on the end table, and I retrieve it for my next delight. I take the bottle of warm massage oil, and I squeeze it over the head of my husband’s penis. The oil begins to flow over his head and down his shaft, finally dripping over his testicles. He is moaning with delight! I then take the oil and squeeze it over my breasts. While he watches, I massage my breasts with the oil, circling from the outside towards my areola. I love how the warm oil feels on my skin, and I love watching his reaction to me touching myself sensually. Next, I surround his erect member with my breasts, and I begin to massage his penis with my breasts. He moans, closes his eyes, and breathes hard. He tells me he needs to thrust, and I tell him to go ahead. He lifts his hips and butt off the chair as he thrusts between my breasts. I squeeze his member with my boobs, and I allow the head of his penis to enter my mouth as he thrusts.

As he feels he is about to climax, he asks to finish doggie style. I quickly turn around and get on all fours and tell him to give it to me. He penetrates me and rapidly begins to pound against my butt, and I am about to orgasm from excitement. It’s fast and hard. Then he lets out a guttural, “Agggghhhh!!!”, as he orgasms. We both collapse onto the floor and begin to kiss and laugh. “You were amazing,” he tells me, “I love you so much!”

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