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Mission: Impossible

Our mission, which we accepted, was to get away on a romantic date and have some married fun together.


  • Husband and wife with 3 small children
  • Own businesses that demand constant attention
  • Babysitter hard to schedule

Description of Transpired Events

It seemed much harder than it normally was (getting a date with my spouse I mean). We were married and I thought that married couples were supposed to be able to spend some romantic time together — or at least a date night now and then. But alas, life had not allowed for a romantic getaway for what seemed like an eternity. My increasing libido told me so.

Some extra hours were worked, certain business tasks delayed, and last, but certainly not least, a babysitter was bribed…or I mean…secured. We had done it. A date with each other was on the calendar!

The evening finally arrived and the hormones were surging. A faint buzzing sound seemed to fill the air — I was sure it was the sexual energy between my husband and I. Butterflies danced in my stomach…or was it further down? Why was I so giddy and excited?

I enjoyed a hot shower, rubbed some organic lotion on my body and thoughtfully selected an outfit to wear. I was feeling coquettish and so went with a classy black skirt with a form-fitting flower blouse that I knew my partner loved. I conveniently “forgot” the camisole to put underneath so a significant, but tasteful amount of cleavage would be sure to catch his eye. He adores my breasts (code named “Passion Fruit”) and I was going to use that to my advantage. Add some sheer pantyhose, high heels, and some jewelry (Oops! Almost forgot the belly ring!) and I was ready for action. “A million bucks on heels” as my husband likes to say…

The first assignment was to spy out a Mexican restaurant for some tempting food. No problem. The next undertaking was to go shopping for some new clothes. I made a killing and a bonus was that my husband found a little blue silky dress that I looked very alluring in. It only came down to my mid thigh and had a sensual neckline with thin straps over the shoulders. An adventurous girl like myself can never have enough disguises…or I mean… outfits.

Through one of our informants we had heard of this awesome place for ice cream, so we followed that lead and it proved to be correct. Under cover of darkness, we fed each other a hot fudge sundae in the car. I’ve always loved the sensation of hot and cold in my mouth at the same time.

At this point, I wasn’t clear on the details for the rest of the mission, but my husband took charge and I was just along for the ride. He drove across the street into an empty section of a hotel parking lot. Once parked, he kissed me and then demanded (Yes, demanded! The nerve!) that I remove my blouse. Maybe some girls would balk at this, but I knew better than to disobey. Done. Blouse removed.

Another passionate kiss. “Remove your skirt” he ordered. “Yes, sir” I replied softly. Another touch of our lips. “Remove your bra” “Right away” I cooed. His tongue found mine again. “Take off your panties, Coquette.” I obeyed and wiggled out of my last article of clothing. My belly ring sparkled in the city lights. What could I do, a poor, little helpless girl being taken advantage of by this handsome man? Wink, wink.

There he was, fully dressed, looking at his beautiful and very naked wife in the middle of a big city in a hotel parking lot. I felt vulnerable, yet excited. My tits were tingling with eagerness, as I knew he was coming for them.

He abandoned his normal approach of gentle and teasing and dove onto my chest as if he hadn’t tasted nipples in months! I gasped and arched my body upward. Headlights from passing cars shone on my face and neck. Then came more commands. “Spread your thighs.” I felt his hands force my legs apart. “Caress yourself, Love.” I instinctively slid my hand down until I reached my soft vulva. I spread my pussy lips and found that secret little nub that my husband has taught me to adore.

Then he said something that I was afraid he was going to say. “Don’t orgasm until I say you can.” Oh, how he loved to torture me at times! Why now, when I could blow in a matter of seconds? I forced myself to comply and had to slow and even stop touching my clit at times. He continued to ravish my breasts with attention like a hungry beast. I looked down at my soaked tits as they gleamed in the lights of passing vehicles. I hoped they were unaware of the secret task my husband was carrying out!

Finally, after I begged him to let me have release, he agreed and within seconds my whole body stiffened as I orgasmed uncontrollably. My thighs were quivering and my voice uttered profanity that I was taught good girls should never, ever say. I was completely his. Taken. Satisfied. I purred contentedly.

My husband allowed me to melt into my seat for a while and enjoy the afterglow, but I knew that our mission was not yet complete.

With me by his side and still completely naked, he started the car and drove out of the parking lot, apparently to do some recon. I could tell he was searching for something, but what? It wasn’t long after that I noticed the look on his face and realized that whatever it was, he had found it. We ended up at another parking lot of a business that was closed for the day. It had a small storage shed on the edge of the parking lot. A short distance down the hill from the shed I could hear the roar of traffic and recognized it for a major highway. What did this secret agent I call my husband have in mind?

He got out and retrieved the little blue dress we had purchased earlier from the trunk. “Put this on and then prepare to be taken from behind. I want you to get on all fours and have your pussy facing the passenger side door.” “What?! My pussy facing out an open car door? A girl has to retain some modesty you know!” I thought to myself. I knew I really had no choice but to comply. Besides, my pussy was aching for some manhood and I needed my vacuum filled. He got out and went around to the passenger side and opened the door. Just as he did, I opened my mouth to ask him to pretty please keep an eye out for people but all that came out was a muffled sound. I have learned that it is difficult to speak with a mouthful of cock, so I just gave up and dutifully sucked and slurped him. No worries, I knew in my heart that he would protect me. After a few minutes of skilled tongue work, POP, out sprung his penis ready to press into my womanhood.

He suddenly ordered in military style, “Present………Ass!” I quickly scrambled to get into position and up went my ass. I felt him grab it and then I braced for it. I knew what was coming. A strong hand slapped my round derrière. I gasped. It made a sound so loud I was afraid that someone would hear it. He continued to spank me, relentlessly. Slap! Then another, then another until my ass was cherry red and warm. I knew who was in charge.

I could hear his heavy breathing. Was that a man behind me or an animal? I felt the tip of his probe touch my flesh. He hesitated…I could feel it bobbing up and down as it pulsated with testosterone. It was time. Right here and right now. He plunged into my wet slit and took what he had wanted for so long. He slid it up all the way as far as it would go and then held it there. We were one flesh. Then my whole body began to rock as he stood there pressed up against the car banging his wife inside the car. He pounded my soaked pussy as my hips bucked to meet his every possessive and powerful thrust. I felt waves of pleasure. As a woman I felt such love and respect for this masculine man.

“Come with me, Dove.” He took me over behind the shed on the side facing the busy highway. “Lean up against the shed.” I felt my head being pulled back as he grabbed a fist full of my hair. I attempted to sync with his thrusting and moved my hips in time with him. I could feel his sac slapping up against my cunt. It was a beautiful feeling.

It was dark out besides the streetlights and some lamps that lit up the sides of the various buildings around us. “Face the highway” he ordered. I could do nothing but obey. I bent over to align my pussy with his cock when I felt him forcing my arms behind my back. I knew he was about to unload his semen inside of me as he quickened his pace and increased the force of each thrust. My boobs fell out of the skimpy blue dress, but I could do nothing about it at this point.

The whole experience was surreal. Was I dreaming? Was I really making love to my husband in the middle of the city? Were my tits really swinging wildly about in front of this major freeway? Could they see me? Would we be caught?

Then a loud, familiar sound brought me back from my reverie. I have always loved the distinctive sound my man expresses when he orgasms. I describe it as a roar and ROAR he did! I felt so special being able to bring him such pleasure. He held onto me tightly for a moment as we looked down at the bustling traffic below. We embraced and kissed in the cool night air. As we walked back to the car holding hands, I felt hot liquid running down my thigh. “Mission complete” I thought to myself.

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