I’m a very calculative person by nature and don’t take much of a risk in sexual adventurism like hooking a sex-worker or making girl friends for sex… the reason is don’t want to be in soup say m moving with my family in a market and any girl coming to me and throwing a surprise. Better watch this situation. Apart that sex is always a passion where one should have equally passionate partner other-wise buy a 1 kg of chicken keema and fill it in a balloon and put your rod through the hole and sage & pump it, yeah the same feeling you will get with a paid sexworker or from passion-less partner. It so happened when i came from my home town after completing my mba to delhi, my mom gave few reference whom i should be in touch, they were a distant relatives of her. They were 4 people in all mom-dad-son & daughter-in law. After settling in a new job, once in blues i used to visit there place, say on holidays. The son naresh was 2 years elder of me with a kid son. The family beards a very strict regulation i.e. a-la-saas- bahu specially. The boy couldn’t take her wife to restaurant or to market her wife was suppose to do only house hold work and q& a from elder, so the atmosphere use to be tensed very much & so i, too stopped going to there place in due time and was busy. I use to meet the guy ( naresh) when ever i use to be in his part of city, meeting him and being in contact with him as his wife was good looking. Gradually i came to know he was jealous of me because seeing my freedom my way of looking the life, this transpired him to get-out of his family clutch and the shadow with a fight. He moved to bordering faridabad with his family which he informed me and invited to his new found freedom. Once when i got time from my routine i reached there home and had a tittat on life and work, gradually he told me that he is tough time as with his parents he was not suppose to pay rent but here he has to and the new acquired freedom made him spend lavishly and now he feel he has taken a wrong decision. Then i told him forget it and try controlling your life and enjoy with your family instead having fight daily which i came to no in due course of time, he agreed and there life was on track, suddenly after 2 months i had a call on my phone, it was naresh’s wife and asked me to meet her that day only “as it was important” i said fine and reached to her place late evening. Once there, i came to know that they have parted away and had a big fight, she asked me to talk to naresh who has went to his parents and gradually they have moved out to there native place, it was shock to me .. I realized i didn’t have word with them as i was hell busy in my assignment. I called naresh but his mobile was switch off his parents place no one picked the phone and above that i came to know that it was her last day in the flat as for last 1 month she didn’t pay the rent and land lord adjusted the amount and she was to vacate apart that she didn’t had money left to live alone. After much thought i told her get important things packed the dresses and other important which she needed, meanwhile i went out and came with a kabariwala and ask him to buy the furniture, fridge, gas stove and other stuff which was not necessary, she (sangita) didn’t objected either, she got some 12,000/- of rupees, then i took her to a girls hostel where one of my office collogue use to stay and to whom i already had talked to for a room, after reaching there got her admitted in the girls hostel and told her take a rest and that we will meeting tomorrow again and told her not to worry. (i dint took her to my place as my family reputation would have come to a question, yes that’s what the pride is for….. In small town… Can’t help) Next day i reached the girls hostel at 1500 hrs and took her to a near by mcdonalds we chatted in my family i don’t have father and as mother too are a liability to my brothers thank you what ever you did yesterday was right, but now how am going to leave alone what shall i do and started crying.. After some times i hold her hand and told her don’t worry we will fix the whole problem just need to be positive in our thought. Then i asked her qualification her communication was not very niche rather was good, further that i took her to a cyber café and got her cv prepared, afterword i called up few friends and contact (as m an advertising professional with real cool contacts) and tried to get her job fixed, fortunately in her area only she got a job which was a national repute computer center branch, as a receptionist, next day i went along and meet the franchise owner of that institute she turn-out to be a nice female of 45 years and after talking to her and later with me she gave the job to her with a salary of rs.7000/- which i said to sangita that it’s a good start she too was happy and she felt confident in her life. Next day she joined the office and called me that she is happy and likes the job, i told her to upgrade her computer education / knowledge in same time which would help her to chart her career as well in future and i said sorry i wont be able to meet you for few weeks as i’m busy in a product launch which is taking much of time she got disturbed i said don’t worry once free we would meet for sure. Time passed, i was busy in my project even she called me i use to say i’ll call you but could never return you all can well understand when a new product is launch and you in advertising you don’t get time to sleep let eat. Time passed my work was in process to get over even in between she minimized calling me understanding my busy schedule probably but i didnn’t care much. After i got free, suddenly i recall my past days and then i realized, i haven’t called her back and i was scolding myself opting a career in advertising, so i called her up at her office no she picked it up and slowly i said “hi” how are you. Angry with me as i dint called you back ever” she literally screamed on phone hearing my voice and said nah orderd “ i want you today at the same mcdonald” after 7:30 pm and you better you come no excuse, i said am free and will be there that day i wanted to feel freedom and so i got my bike and reached the venue she came later but i was shock to she her “ first time i saw her in that western outfit she was looking so sensual her style her walking every-thing has changed she was bubbling with her new found persona her confident” all eyes were on her what guys what oldies or what even females she was like of so different from her self in past now in this tight jeans from normal sameej salwar she was bomb which seem every one noticed but one thing was there her eyes was transfixed on me, first time for first time i wanted her in my arm in my skin in my head yeah she came she hugged me now i realized the whole situation what it was the situation that time at mcdee.

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