Sex Closet at the Christmas Party


sex-closet-christmas-partySex Closet

Last Saturday night, my husband had the Christmas party at our country club for the company we own. In three decades of marriage, he has been a great provider and protector. We are very different! He does one task at a time. I multitask. He is the big picture guy. I notice details. Seriously, he still leaves his underwear on the floor. Well, that’s another story.

Earlier in the summer, Larry was telling me that one of the salespeople, Jason, confessed that he and his wife had sex at last year’s Christmas party in the sex closet.

“The country club has a ‘sex closet’?” I asked.

“Well, not a sex closet. There is a room that used to be a janitorial closet that the pro shop now uses for a convenient changing room for selling club clothing and such. That closet is near the pro shop. It is always open. The room has a small couch, mirror, and a lamp on an end table. The door has a lock.”

“How did Jason find out about that room?” I asked.

“Jason is allowed to treat guests to golf and a country club shirt; the rest is history,” Larry laughed.

It was funny when Larry mentioned Jason and his wife Rachel, I remembered their behavior as last year’s party. They were giggling a lot. Jason could not keep his eyes off of Rachel. She wore a red dress that accented her young body. He had the young man wants-to-have-sex-with-his woman look in his eyes. I specifically remembered them leaving for a while. When they came back 25 minutes later, she had a healthy glow. Interestingly, about nine months after the Christmas party, she gave birth to a baby boy in August.

“Do you think Rachel got pregnant at last year’s Christmas party?” I asked.

“You did the math, didn’t you, Tammy?” He smiled.

I bought a red Christmas dress. I also bought a red garter belt with black nylons. I have never tried a garter belt and nylons. This purchase was the first time I tried hose with a garter belt. It made me feel sultry and horny just seeing myself in the mirror. I also had regret flash in my mind. “Why didn’t I try the garter concept years ago” (You young ladies out there, try the garter and hose thing). Then I thought, “I want to focus on my life now.”  My Italian friend Rosie says, “Cogli l’attimo,” which means seize the moment.  I guess that comes from a translation from the Latin, “Carpe diem”- Seize the Day.  I choose to look at my fifty-something body hot and ready for love and adventure with Larry. Larry says, “Sexy is as sexy does.” I think he gets that from Forrest Gump or something.

I woke up last Saturday thinking about the party and my garter and hose and what I wanted to do with Larry in the sex closet. Larry left early for his men’s Bible study breakfast at church. As I was lost in the imagination of the moment, I put some coconut oil on my fingers and made my pussy “coconut wet” as I call it. (after a full hysterectomy, I find that coconut oil is amazing, for getting back what was lost and even at times more. Carpe diem.

I pulled out my little bullet vibrator. Recently, I am finding there is something hot about being coconut wet on the lowest vibration setting. In no hurry. No time crunch. Imagining the evening with Larry. What might happen. What might not occur. Maybe I’ll suck his dick. Maybe I will bend over while he drills me from behind.

My breathing is getting heavier. I am getting close to orgasm. I am learning new and fun ways to jill off. I turn the vibrator off and insert my middle two fingers in my pussy. I like masturbating while my fingers are in my love hole. The coconut wet was feeling so good as my middle fingers worked magic. I felt myself getting close. “Yes!, Yes!”  I was panting and moaning my way into a relaxed, intense orgasm. I am a young fifty-something-year-old woman! YES!!!

Larry and I met at the party. Larry was gone almost the whole day busy at the office. I walked in the clubhouse. I was feeling sexy. The garter belt feeling was erotic. I left the panties home. I did not think I needed to wear a slip. There were Jason and Rachel. Her body had rebounded nicely since the summer baby, go girl! I walked over to them, giving Rachel a hug.

“Merry Christmas, Rachel,” I greeted.

“Hello, Mrs. Tammy. You look stunning tonight,” Rachel said. Jason was smiling in agreement. There is something arousing about getting complimented by a beautiful young woman with her husband agreeing. I wished I had done that more to the beautiful mature women in my life in the 1980s.

“Thanks, Rachel! You look stunning yourself. Where is Noah?” I asked.

“Noah is with my mom. I pumped. Mom just texted that Noah is sleeping,” She said.

“Nice seeing you, Rachel. Hey, Jason, Larry talks about how you are a valuable member of his team,” I said, doing my owner’s wife encouragement before I moved on.

The party included the giving out of bonuses and awards. Lots of networking, food, and some wine. Some dancing. Larry was smiling and talking to our team members. Many wives came up to me and talked. They thanked me for all Larry and I do to bring support to their families. As the party went on, my sexy mood of the morning seemed to be lost to the sacred responsibility of encouraging our team members and their wives. I seemed to forget I was wearing no panties. I was still horny for Larry, but my thoughts of being drilled in the sex closet were fading.

Laura, our human resources person, went up to the mike.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, could I have your attention. I want to have Larry and Tammy come up to the stage.”

Larry was already near the stage and got their quickly. I made my way from the back of the room. Suddenly, I became aware that I was wearing a garter belt and no panties. People were staring at me. Were they aware of my state of undress under my dress?

“On behalf of …….. It is my pleasure to give this …………” Applause.

Larry cried. His hard work was appreciated. I cried. And I do not know if any other ladies have felt the way I did at that moment. I wanted to screw, suck, kiss and be taken any way he wanted. I was extremely proud of my man. I am part of something special in being married to that man. I found myself looking at this pants right where his dick was located.

After this appreciation for Larry’s work, the party was coming to a close. Soon Larry and I were greeting the last team members as they were leaving. I wondered if Jason and Rachel got to meet in the sex closet again. They were one of the first to go. Baby needed mommy. Or vise versa.

We were the last to leave, which is my husband’s habit, by the way.

I slowed down as we passed the sex closet. I was still feeling horny.

“Larry, will you fuck me real quick like right now in the “sex closet?” I whispered.

“Tammy, you are still that horny girl at heart I married over three decades ago,” He smiled at me as he said this.

“I am pretty tired, but I am up for it” He continued.

We walked into the sex closet together. I opened my purse and slipped some coconut oil on my pussy. He was surprised to see that I wore no panties to the party. I started kissing him passionately. He likes to grab my boobs and he did. Soon he was grabbing my ass and pulling up my dress. He was getting pretty hard for an “older” man!

He dropped his pants down to his ankles. I turned around and bent over, holding the armrest of the couch. He pulled up my dress.

“Drill me!” I begged.

He pulled out his member and just started to screw me. Wow. As he was doing me, I began to cry.  This man who makes such a difference in the lives of so many was one flesh with me. As he came inside me, I was overcome with gratitude. He was giving himself to me again. Thank you, God.

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