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hot wife wexingOccasionally my wife, Annie, gets a bikini waxing to keep her private area neat and trim. On her way out the door to her latest appointment, I playfully mentioned that I would pay the extra cost if she went Brazilian.

When she returned home later that night, and I asked how it went, Annie coyly replied, “It’s all gone.”

Feeling excited and a little baffled, I stammered “What do you mean?”

She replied, “I told the esthetician that my husband wanted it gone and to take it all off.”

Immediately aroused, I asked her to show me. Teasingly she countered, “Soon enough.”

Well, my mind was off to the races while we finished dinner and the rest of the evening’s to-dos.

Afterwards, we sat on the couch and sipped some wine. She had made me suffer from anticipation long enough and slowly inched her skirt up to reveal her beautifully smooth, completely hairless pussy. Annie went beyond the Brazilian, which leaves a little strip of hair and got a Hollywood, which is total hair removal.

This result was way beyond what I had anticipated.

Looking me in the eye, she dipped a finger into her wine and slowly rubbed it across her slit and then seductively licked her finger.

That was all I needed, and I relocated to the base of the couch while she spread her legs, obviously looking for attention.

Annie closed her eyes, tilted her head back and whispered, “Just be gentle.”

In 20 years of marriage, her private area was something I felt like I had come to be the master of. I could expertly navigate her landscape, stimulating familiar pleasure points, but now things were delightfully different.

Like the petals of a flower, I pleasantly explored her tufts and folds. Each gentle stroke of my tongue brought immediate sighs and moans from Annie. I softly licked and teased all around her smooth mound, frequently coming back to an exposed clitoris that would kindle her longest, deepest sensations.

The faintest touch of my mouth or my fingers caused her to writhe in ways she hadn’t felt before. Soon she desired much more and pushed her pelvis tighter to where I was delivering the most pleasure.  It didn’t take long until she hit the zenith of her arousal and implored me to fuck her.  By this time, Annie’s sweet pussy was so slick and sensitive that all it took was a few deep, pulsing thrusts for us both to achieve an intense climax.

Annie had waxed herself completely for my benefit, but she hadn’t anticipated the new, erotic feelings she would unleash within. We were closer than we had been before in a fresh and exhilarating way.

Annie joked that with all the attention she had received, she would probably be getting this procedure more often.

You certainly have my approval, my beloved.

Hot wife waxing

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