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love in fogShortly after our steamy anniversary heat trip, my husband and I took a vacation, this time with our granddaughter so that she could have a little break.

A typical routine in our household is that while my husband is volunteering at a local private hospital from 9 to 5, I am a stay-at-home grandma homeschooling our granddaughter. Then after the lessons, we go shopping at our local supermarket to buy food for dinner. I love to cook.

We so enjoyed our anniversary heat trip and the place we went to, that we wanted to take our granddaughter to that place, to show her the beauty of God’s creation, as well as enjoy a blast from the past. She sometimes asks us about our younger days and family history. Not much of that place has changed despite the renovations. Our two bedroom houseboat was very cozy, hence perfect for the three of us.

Once we got settled on the houseboat, we decided to go on a ferry round-trip before buying some food from the local supermarket. But once we got in, we noticed how thick the fog was! So my husband suggested a snack in the cafe section. When we finished, the fog eased up a little, so we went back to our boat for a few hours before having dinner at the Hot Kettle Cafe. The classic clam chowder and blueberry muffins were still top notch! Praise the Lord for great food!

When we got back to the houseboat, we saw the fog had become dense again. It looked very peaceful. I admired it as I took my top off, getting ready for bed. My husband drew the curtain, then turned his attention to me. He stroked strands of my hair before laying his hands on my shoulders. He kissed my neck as he ran his hands over my body. He proceeded to pull down my skirt, and he got back up to kiss my cleavage.

I stretched and moved my hips around in my near-nude state to get him more excited. He almost lost it! I watched my husband take his shirt off. He then worked his hands up my body to unhook my bra and slid it off, making my breasts feel free and extra comfy. I then sat on our soft, comfy bed in a sexy way, sliding off my sexy panties.

“You will never stop being sexy to me, my darling. You are forever my love.” I told my husband as he smiled his sexy smile.

“Let me give you a hand, my sexy wife,” said my husband as he came over and ran his hands down my smooth legs as he helped slide my panties off.

I undid the zipper on my husband’s pants, and I gently bit my lip in anticipation as I watched him pull down his pants. I lay back as he climbed on me. He kissed my neck, turning me on even more. I could feel him reaching for his package, and inserting it gently as I exhaled pleasurably.

We embraced for a few moments, no movement, just embracing and feeling the love we have for each other. My husband then gently kissed me on the mouth, and I felt him starting to play around inside me a little bit.

The pleasure was intense as his man part rubbed my g-spot. I remembered as a young woman, making love with my husband, and memories like that always get me excited. I embraced my husband close to me. He gently kissed my breasts as he stroked them. I moved around a little bit to bring a little extra pleasure to my sexy husband, and he responded saying, “Oh yes baby, I like that. I’m so blessed you’re still hot for me as I’m hot for you.”

He passionately kissed me again as I orgasmed. I let out soft cries and breaths of ecstasy as he also came. We hugged tight, enjoying our simultaneous orgasms and the lovely skin-to-skin feeling. It never gets old for us.

We continued to hold each other tight for a few moments after we came down. My husband kissed my neck as I stroked his hair. He rolled off of me, and we lay in each other’s arms side by side. My sweet husband kissed my cheek, then my forehead before I rested my head against his chest. I felt him stroke my hair for a little bit, and then in all the blissful quietness and stillness we fell asleep.

The next morning, we woke up still entwined. I reached our little curtain to look outside and see how the weather was.

“Is it still foggy our there, my dear?” he asked.

“Yes,” I responded, smiling. I kissed my husband.

We continued to cuddle in bed for another hour or so before we all got up and had some breakfast at the Hot Kettle Cafe.

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