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” Gina! I need a towel!” I could hear my husband Ben shout from the bathroom. I had done laundry but just hadn’t gotten around to putting it all up yet.

” OK, just a sec!” I replied, then walked to the laundry room to retrieve him a towel.

Grabbing a towel from the laundry basket, I walked to the bathroom and tossed it to him. He was standing in the shower all wet, dripplets of water running down his naked frame. His man snake hung limp over his large ball sack. He looked so damn sexy and I smiled as I felt my face heat up and my heart thump.

” You look fine like that babe! Just dry off and slip on some shoes.” I said with a wink and a smile. Ben smiled and shook his head as he began drying off.

Ben and I had been invited to a friends house to eat and watch the movie ” God Is Not Dead”. I had seen the movie before and enjoyed it. My son Randy decided not to go.

Ben looked awesome dressed in a light blue button up Calvin Klein shirt, Levi jeans, and boots. The Stetson cologne he was wearing filled the air as he passed me. Oooo-La-La!

I was dressed in a black dress which covered me to the neck. A strip of black lace ran around the neckline and down the front. I decided on a pair of black flats with no stockings. A dab of perfume and I was ready.

Ben and I left the house around 6:30 or so. Our friends Steve and Jenna lived about twenty minutes away, so that would have us there about right on time. Of course the way Ben drives, probably a little early. Lol.

Steve and Jenna live in a very beautiful two story home. Steve is an electrition and part-time youth minister. Jenna is a paralegal for a local attorney.  They have two beautiful daughters ages 11 and 7.

When we arrived, Steve met us at the door. The aroma of food cooking filled the air. There was a veggies and cheese party tray on the dining room table. Jenna was in the kitchen finishing up with the main meal, Cajun pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy. A delicious  looking salad topped it off. There was also  Strawberry cheesecake and Brownies for desert.

Jenna and I hung out in the kitchen and talked, while the guys talked in the living room. I helped Jenna set the table and their girls kept us all entertained. Before long it was time to eat. The meal was delicious and filling.

After eating , we all went into the living room to watch the movie. Let me say that if you have never seen “God is not Dead” you really should. It is a really good family type movie. We had a wonderful time being with a couple of great friends.

Ben and I left a little before 11. The ride home was quiet, with the exception of the radio. I sat next to Ben as I played around on my phone. I smiled as Ben placed his hand on my knee, then laid my head on his shoulder and softly whispered ” I love you ” into his ear.

” I love you too!” He replied, giving my knee a firm, yet gentle squeeze.

The house was quiet when we made it home. All the lights were off except for the one above the stove. I slipped off my flats and made my way to our bedroom.

” Think I’m gonna take a quick shower!” Ben said as he walked into the bedroom unbuttoning his shirt as he walked.

“Ok babe!” I replied as I walked into the laundry room to check the clothes that were in the dryer. Then quickly folded the white clothes that were left in a basket. Afterwards, I walked to the kitchen and poured me a small glass of wine, then walked back to the bedroom.

I had just slipped out of my dress and standing there in just my bra and thong panties when Ben walked from the bathroom. He had a blue towel wrapped around his waist and his dark hair was slicked back. I unfastened my bra and slipped it off as I walked towards the bathroom with my gown in hand. Ben whistled softly and smiled. I smiled back and think I might have blushed a bit.

After a quick shower, I slipped my gown on then dabbed on a trace of perfume. I then walked back to the bedroom. Ben was sitting on the side of the bed, his towel still wrapped around his waist. He had our ” Toy box” out and was holding my 7 1/2″ non vibrating dong in his hand.

” Uh, and what may I ask are you planning on doing with Max ( yes I gave it a name!) ? I asked with a smile and a wink.

He looked at me with a smile and replied, ” I don’t know, thought about taking it and trying it out as a golf club. I can use a new putter!”

” Very funny! You would definitely be the COCK of the fairway then, wouldn’t you!” I said, then we both broke into laughter.

I walked over to our large bedroom bay window and closed the curtains before finally slipping into bed. Ben put my toy back in the box and put the lid on it. Placing the box back under the bed, Ben stood and removed his towel, then got into bed. I moved next to him and we kissed.

” I had a nice time tonight didn’t you?  We should have Steve and Jenna over sometime for supper. They are both so sweet.” I said, placing my head onto his chest.

” I had a good time. I ate a little too much, but it was nice. Yeah, we should have them over. I can grill some steaks or something. ” Ben replied.

We lay there silent for several minutes just being close to each other. I always feel so safe and secure when I am close to him and in his arms. His love warms and comforts me like a security blanket.

” Baby, are you sleepy?” I asked, glancing up at him, then giving his chest a couple soft kisses.

” No, not really. Why do you ask sugar?” Ben replied.

” Just wondered if you might wanna play a little?” I asked, then gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

” So, you wanna fuck?” Ben said with a grin before kissing me deeply.

I giggled like a shy school girl and said,  ” We can do that if you like or we can have fun with our toys together. I mean it must have crossed your mind. Why else would you be looking through the box?”

Ben smiled a sexy little grin, then replied, ” I admit it did cross my mind. I do get a kick out of watching you. But there is one thing I have to ask you. ”

” And what might that be my love?” I said softly as I kissed his breast and ran my tongue over the stiff nipple.

“What kind of inspiration are you willing to give me to go along with this?” Ben replied as he ran his finger over my lips.

I laughed, then said, ” I think I have a little inspiration for you big boy!”

With that I got up on my knees in bed and slowly lifted my gown over my head, revealing my nude body to him like the unveiling of a statue. I smiled and licked my lips seductively as I felt his eyes take in and caress my body.

” How is this for inspiration stud?” I said, taking my breast in my hands and held them, slowly moving them around playfully.

” Not bad! Not bad at all! ” my loving husband replied.

I could see the growing bulge his cock was making under the sheet and my desire to please myself and him took over. Still holding my left breast, I slipped my right hand slowly down my torso until it reached the top of my pubic line.

” Like this pretty kitty baby?  She loves to be petted and loved on! Want me to make her purr for you baby? ” I said, then let out a soft sigh as my fingers reached my clit and moistening pussy lips.

Ben said nothing as he reached his hand under the sheet and grabbed his cock. The up and down motion the sheet was making told me he was slowly stroking it.

” Why you dirty old man, are you stroking that thing of yours? Let me see it! Let me see that beautiful dick of yours!” I said as I lay on my side with my legs open and my hand still fingering myself.

Ben moved the sheet down and exposed his hard cock for me to see. His right hand slowly working up and down the shaft. It is always such a hot sight for me.

” Baby, be careful not to get carried away and cum. We haven’t gotten the toys yet!” I said, my eyes glued to his awesome manhood. I so wanted to take him in my mouth and just suck him off, but I restrained myself.

Ben smiled and released his hard member long enough to reach for our treasure box of pleasure.

” So, which do you prefer? ” Ben asked as he removed his pocket pussy from the box.

” You pick it! Surprise me baby! ” I said softly. I was so horny it really didn’t matter to me at that point. I was really wet and you could hear the squishy noise my fingering made.

” OK, how about this one?” Ben said holding up Max, my 7 1/2 inch dong. Of course, he would choose that one! Lol.

Ben handed the fake dick to me and got up from the bed.  ” The coconut oil still in the bathroom? ” he asked.

” No, we ran out. Still have some of that Astroglide I believe. It should be under the sink!” I replied, then watched as he walked to the bathroom. He has such a sexy ass!

Moments later Ben returned, carrying the bottle of lube in one hand. His hard dick bounced, leading the way as he walked. I just love watching my naked hubby walk, especially with a hard on.

He got into bed and applied a generous amount of lube to his toy, as well as his dick. He then handed the bottle to me. I was plenty wet, but a little more lube added to “Max” never hurt.

” That’s so hot baby!” I said as I saw Ben slip the head of his cock into his pussy toy. Slowly he began to work the fake cunt up and down his shaft.

I lay on my back next to him with my legs spread wide. I then put the fake dick at my pussy hole and slowly pushed it in.

“Mmmmph! Oh yes, that’s good! ” I groaned as I began to work it in and out with my left hand. With my right hand I played with my nipples, pinching and pulling at them. I kept my eyes glued to Ben as he fucked his sex toy.

” Feel good baby?” Ben asked as he worked the pussy faster onto his cock.

” Oh yes! It feels so fucking good baby! That pussy good to ya baby? That’s it pump that thing!” I panted as I continued to fuck myself with my toy. Suddenly Ben stopped and slipped out of his masturbator.

” Something wrong baby? Why did you stop?” I panted. My breathing was becoming labored.

” Gotta stop for a minute, or I’m going to cum! Not quite ready to do that yet.” Ben said in a cracked voice.

” OK, baby. Shit, what a big cock! Looks so hard and delicious! Mmmmmm, baby, I’m on fire!” I panted, then reached with my free hand and ran it over my swollen clit causing my body to shiver. That squishy sound filled the room.

” Baby! OHHH BEN, BABY! I’M CUMMING! B-BA-BABY OHHHHHH! ” I groaned as my orgasm racked my body.

As I came down from my orgasm, I saw that Ben had started with his toy again. He worked his toy up and down in a slow steady motion.

” Your so beautiful when you cum baby! I love seeing the pleasure in your face.” Ben groaned.

” I love watching you too baby. You are so sexy. I love you so much! ” I replied as I ran my hand over my still pulsing cunt, my toy laying beside me.

” Fuck, baby! I’m not gonna be able to hold off much longer!” Ben growled as he picked up the rhythm of his strokes.

” That’s OK baby, do it! Cum! Let it go!” I said softly; my fingers began to work feverishly on my pussy and clit.

” Screw this!” Ben growled, then rolled over on top of me. ” I want inside you!  I want to cum inside you, Gina!” With that, Ben pushed into me in a hard deep thrust, taking my breath for a moment.

” BABY! MMMMMPH! YES! OHHHH BABY!” I groaned. His sudden taking of me sent me off on my second orgasm.

After about four or five hard deep thrust Ben groaned, ” I’m gonna cum!” He thrust deep one last time as I felt his dick pulse inside me, emptying his balls.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held him tightly.  ” I love you!  I love you so much! ” I whispered breathlessly into his ear.


God bless my MH family! Stay Horny ya’ll! Hope y’all enjoyed it. More to cum!!!

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