Sexy Time In Barcelona – Heat While Traveling


heat in travelling Around 25 years ago, my husband and I took a vacation to Barcelona with our beautiful girls. After sleeping our first night there, we saw the sights. We first saw the Sagrada Familia church and then we went to this huge market where they had a large selection of sweets. We had a lot of fun walking around. Then, at around 8 pm back at the hotel, our older girl said she and her sister were tired, so we put them to bed.

My darling husband and I stood out on the balcony, looking over the city lights. I lay my head on my husband’s shoulder as he put his arm around me. I silently prayed to God, thanking Him for the greatness in my life. My husband is such a gentle, yet strong man. I felt loved and cherished being in his arms.

“We made it,” I smiled and said.

“We sure did,” said my husband, and then he kissed my head. “Fancy an early night?” he asked.

I agreed, smiling.

I changed into my white nightdress, as I know he loves seeing me in that. As always, he looked sexy in his boxer shorts.

My desire for him made me weak. I lay on that bed, and I watched him come over to me. When he touched me, I got those pleasurable tingling sensations. I kept getting them as he kissed my jawbone and neck. I got even wetter when he slipped his hand up my dress to feel my smooth skin.

He lifted the dress over my head, and caressed my cheek while he said, “Look at you, how beautiful you are, my darling! I love looking at those pretty eyes of yours.”

I was feeling blissful and dizzy in love. I embraced him and cupped his face as I kissed him showing my love for my dear husband.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, precious!” I told him.

My husband entered me with ease, and I exhaled slowly being very aroused as he kissed me. I ran my fingers through his hair, caressing his head. Then after my husband gently started to thrust, he kissed me on the lips, and it gradually turned into passionate French kissing.

I savored the feeling of touching his bare skin and his hot body on mine while he thrust in my throbbing lady area, grunting with pleasure. I ran my hands up his arms before embracing him around his shoulders. I rubbed them briefly as I showered multiple kisses on his cheek before he turned his head to meet my kisses.

I felt my husband’s love shine through his embrace and caresses. I had a strong emotional orgasm, which lead me to have a physical orgasm. As I let out soft ecstatic sounds, I could feel my husband’s orgasmic breaths blow down my neck.

As he kissed my neck, we held each other tight for a few moments before he rolled me on him. I rested my head on his chest, still feeling blissful as my husband gently stroked my hair before embracing me with both arms. I had no doubt that my darling husband felt the same way.

The next morning we still had that blissful feeling. I was waking up, but kept my eyes closed, and I felt my husband kiss my jawbone. I smiled as I opened my eyes.

“Good morning, my sleeping beauty,” He said, “Here, check this out.”

He showed me a Garfield comic strip. One part, in particular, was amusing, and we laughed. I love my husband’s laugh.

He lightly ran his thumb over my lips and said, “You are the most precious woman to me, sweetie. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smiled. We shared a French kiss before laying in each other’s arms again. It was still early, so we decided to sleep in, especially since the previous day had been packed with touristy adventures!

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