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It was a cool winter afternoon in December. I was looking for a garment shop in the city street to buy some gifts for my wife. She had forgotten it was her birthday. I wanted to give her a pleasant surprise. So, I took leave for the afternoon from my office and went for shopping. My idea was to return with the gifts, wish her a very happy birthday, gift her the presents and later to take her out for an exciting dinner and enjoy the night.
I had planned to buy a complete set of exclusive apparel for her. My searching eyes found the signboard of a shop specialized in garments for ladies. I went in. I was welcomed and greeted by an elderly man wearing pyjama and kurta at the glass-door entrance. A quick survey inside the shop made me wonder if I made the right choice of shop. There were about a dozen salesmen, all of them in their late fifties or early sixties and only one salesgirl. And most of the customers were elderly ladies! I was beginning to wonder if the shop was specialized to sell clothes for elderly women only when the old man interrupted my thought by asking politely what I was looking for.
I told him what I had in my mind. I was quick to enquire if they keep stock of clothes of latest fashion for a young lady. Actually, I was planning to retreat my steps quickly if he was about to show his disappointment.
Instead, he broadened his smile revealing his stained teeth and said gleefully: “Sure, sure. Sir, in fact, we do keep clothes of the latest fashion for the modern lady only. Please come with me….”
I followed him towards the only salesgirl at the far end of the shop. “Nisha, please attend and take care of him” he said to her.
Turning to me he said: “Nisha will show you all the latest fashion clothes you need, Sir. I am sure you will be very pleased to see them. Happy shopping to you.” Then folding his hands in a gesture of ‘Namaste’ he bent his body forward in an inverted U position and went back to attend other customers entering the shop.
“Yes, Sir, can I help you?” I withdrew my eyes from the old man to look at the salesgirl saying this. Frankly, it was the first time I looked at her attentively. She was not a girl but a married lady as I could guess from the vermilion on the dividing line of hairs on her forehead. She was medium-complexioned and could be of around 35 years of age. Of average height, I guessed she might have a vital statistics of 38-30-40. She wore a light blue colour sari with matching blouse over which she wore a maroon colour cardigan without buttoning it. I was sure she did not belong to a wealthy family or good financial background as I could read it from her looks. She did not wear any ornaments. May be she did the job of a salesgirl to make the both ends meet. I was beginning to identify the attraction, which made me to continue to stare at her when she interrupted my thought.
“Sir, you didn’t tell me how can I help you” she said in an embarrassing tone more to cut my probing stare at her than her eagerness to help me.
“Oh..yes…” I said to cover up my confused gesture. I told her what I was there for. She suggested to select the sari first and led me to the glass shelves at the corner of the shop. Reaching there, she asked me my choice of fabric, colour, etc. of the sari I wanted to buy. Though I was sure of my choices suiting to my wife, yet I said her.
“Look, Nisha, let me be frank and honest with you. I don’t have any idea about ladies garments. Actually, I need these to present to my wife on her birthday today as surprise gifts. That is why I have not brought her along. So, I am depending on your help and guidance to make the right choice. I leave everything to you to decide. Whatever you choose would be fine with me. After all, more than men, ladies know what other ladies like. Right?”
I think she bit my bait as she smiled for the first time as if she understood my predicament. To her query, I gave her the height and complexion of my wife but was careful not to tell the vital statistics. I noticed an unmistakable sudden glare in her eyes when I added price of the dresses was not a factor. It was only when she took out bundles of saris and spread them in front of me that I was convinced the shop indeed kept latest fashion materials as I could find several costly saris among the lot similar to the ones my wife wore on special occasions. After going through several saris now heaped in front of us, she picked up a light blue colour one with ornamental embellishment works on it.
She asked me “How do you like this one, Sir? But it is a little costly. Its price is Rs.4250”
I must admire her choice as I too fell for the sari instantly. “ Oh… Nisha, you are simply superb and wonderful. Yeah, it is really a fantastic choice. I must admire and appreciate you for this. My wife would look gorgeous in this sari. Never mind the price, Nisha. I can well afford it. After all it is my wife’s happiness that matters” I said.
I noticed again the glare that lit up her eyes when I told not to bother about the price though she said smilingly “Thank you, Sir”.
She then led me to other shelves to choose the cloth for blouse. While she turned, I had trouble to suppress a hissing rush of breath when my eyes got a glimpse of her voluptuously protruding left breast under the blouse uncovered with the pallu of her sari. As she was searching for the cloth of matching colour, she asked me without looking at me: “From your accent, I think you are a South Indian, Sir”.
“You are right. I am a Keralite” I said.
“Where do you work?” asked she.
I gave her my visiting card. She glanced through it and was visibly impressed with my position. I did not take back the card nor did she return it.
As she set the ball of informal conversation rolling, I asked her “I think it is an old shop. How long you have been working here? And, do they pay you well?”
“Since three and half years”. She released a sigh and added “Oh..the pay is not much. It is my livelihood. But we get a percentage out of our individual total daily sales”.
Now I knew why was she happy to know I did not bother about the price and rather wanted the costliest dresses. It meant, her share out of total sales would be more.
Selecting the right colour of cloth, she asked me “How much cloth do you need?”
“I have no idea as I told you earlier I am ignorant about women’s clothes” I lied smilingly.
She returned the smile and asked for a clue “How is her body construction?”
It gave me a chance to run my eyes over her body once again. “Almost your build”
She smiled again, measured the cloth and took the piece. “I have added a few centimeters extra of the cloth just in case if your wife…”
“Yeah, I can understand. Thank you” I said.
“What do you need next?” she asked.
“A set of lingerie. It must be exclusive and exquisite, Nisha, as it is for the special occasion,” said I.
She nodded, attempting to conceal a meaningful smile, opened a small door leading to an inner room and disappeared. After 3-4 minutes, she came out carrying half a dozen nightwears. Spreading them on the table, she asked me “Any choice of colour?”
I decided to be a little naughty. “If you do not mind my saying so and beside as you might also know that every husband would like his wife to look very sexy in the lingerie. Am I not right? Please don’t bother about the price”
“Yeah, you are right” she said looking at me through the corners of her eyes with a suppressed grin.
Again I congratulated her for making an excellent choice of a set of deep brown lingerie. Yes, it was costly all right.
“Next?” she asked me probingly.
“A set of bras and panties, of course” I said. I knew my chance of coning her is about to come.
She unwittingly asked me “What size of bras your wife uses?”
‘Here is the right opportunity, Jai’ I thought. I pretended to look surprised as if I have no idea about it.

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