French porn star furious after tweet about delayed flight gets ‘creepy’ response from airline

Porn star complains about delayed flight; airline sends creepy response
Transavia’s reply, which poked fun at Nikita’s work, was branded ‘unprofessional’ on Twitter (Picture: Nikita Bellucci/Facebook)

French porn actress Nikita Bellucci was shocked when an airline responded to her tweet about a delayed flight with a ‘joke’ about her line of work.

Already annoyed by lack of information about her flight, Nikita tweeted Transavia – a subsidiary of Air France – earlier this week asking if they had any information about the delays.

She asked: ‘Is it possible to have information on the flight TO3743? Cancelled four times since this morning @ and there’s no information in Budapest.

But, her irritation turned to anger when the response poked fun at her career. Transavia’s reply read: ‘@NikitaBellucciX Flight is scheduled for 14.30. It’s just that with you, we prefer when it lasts longer. Have a good day. I remain available.’

According to The Local, Nikita fired back: ‘Bunch of b*stards. I will never fly with your rubbish company again,’ but the tweet was later deleted.

Her followers quickly leapt to her defence – ‘The worst airline in the world is late and then they even take the p*ss out of you,’ wrote one – although others told her to ‘lighten up’.

Twitter pic
(Picture: Nikita Bellucci/Twitter)

The airline’s social media manager then tried to diffuse the situation with an apology, tweeting: ‘I am sorry you were offended by this joke. I was just trying to lighten the mood. Again, I’m sorry. The plane will leave shortly.’

A spokesperson for Transavia later told MailOnline: ‘The company apologised publicly and directly to the actress for displaced remarks made by its community manager on Monday. At no time did the company and community manager want to offend this young woman. The satisfaction of the customers is one of Transavia’s priorities.

‘The incident ended yesterday with a tweet from the actress herself saying that the incident was closed. The company’s customer service is now taking care of the concerns related to the flight.’

A French porn actress had a very public spat with an airline this week all after the company's tweet to explain a delayed flight included a joke about her choice of career. Social media managers beware. When tweeting angry customers it's probably better not to try to be funny. The manager of a French airline's Twitter account was forced to make a grovelling apology to French porn actress Nikita Bellucci this week after she reacted angrily to a previous tweet that included a joke about her choice of career. The porn star was already angry that her Transavia flight from Budapest had been delayed and tweeted the company - which is a subsidiary of Air France - to find out more information. "Can we have some information about Flight TO3743. It's been deleted four times this morning. There's no information in Budapest," she wrote to @TransaviaFR. Whoever was in charge of the Twitter account obviously knew who Ms Bellucci was, or did a little research on her Twitter account, and couldn't resist making a joke. "Flight is scheduled for 14.30. It's just that with you, we prefer when it lasts longer. Have a good day. I remain available," read the tweet, with a winking face.
(Picture: Nikita Bellucci/Twitter)

Although Nikita has drawn a line under the spat, she did take to Twitter yesterday to express her concern at the incident and the way porn actors are treated in France.

‘In France, unfortunately I have noticed that if you are a porn star, you don’t have the right to want to cultivate your mind and you must not share your opinions on the news. Open your thighs, look beautiful and shut up… is all that’s allowed,’ she wrote.

‘That’s all we expect of you, nothing more.’

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