Blackmailing but More is Enjoyment.. School Girl sex story in English



School girl sex story, blackmail for sex, English sex story…..

Hello friends, I am Pooja. I am 21 years old. I have good figure 36-24-34. I Have light brown color pointed nipples. I am sharing a incident with you. That was my final year in collage. Due to short of my attendence I was not getting my admit card.One of my friends advoice me to meet Ali Khan. He is a very good looking guy. He is also a member of collage union.

My friend introduce me to Ali. He told me that he will try his best to solve my problem. He take required information about me like roll no, course , year, my phone no. etc. and told me that he will contact me as soon as he get my admit card.

After few two day he give me a call at my home and told that he got my admit card but he is leaveing for delhi today for some important work and will back in 2-3 weeks. He told me to collect my admit card from his house as he is busy in his packing. He told me me his address and told me to collect admit card before evening. My exams were starting from next week so I decide to get my admit card from his house.

In half an hour I reached his house. It was around 8 in morning. He receive me at his house and ask me to come inside. As I entered inside he close the door. He bring two cold drink bottles from his fridge and give me one and sit down beside me with other bottle and start drinking and chating with me. I asked him “where are about other members of his family”. Ali gave me a cunning smile and told me that “No body is in his home today , all are in wedding party”. I ask him about admit card then he told me boldly that “dear Pooja if you want your admit card then you have to pay for it”. I ask him “what you want?”. Ali is very close to my body now. He boldly one hand on my shoulder and one hand on my stomach. His breath is hot, he smile to me that in a way that he hold the card. His eyes on my big boob. Now I understand what he want. I told him “No way”. Then he told me “Ok if want to waste your one year, no problem”. Ali told me that nothing is wrong in doing all this,. And then he told me that is a deal “GIVE and Take”.

My resistence becames week. Ali touch my thigh. it is very smooth like silk. He kiss very smoothly on my cheek and shoulder and my hand and fingers. Slowly reached my lip. Now his hand hold me very firm. I loose my strength to resist and feeling hot now. Ali take out 2 brandy. I shocked. I never had liquor in my life. This is the first time that I drank the brandy I do not want to lose my face to him. Ali said It is up to you, If you are OK everything will be OK.

My heart start beating up. Ali told me its now or never, If you refuse me you will not get your admit card. My head is full of fear. Ali touch my silver lining black blouse from the shoulder like resting his hand. His hand nearing my face and my lips. My heart tremble and beat like drum. My face become very hot and red. I feel very dizzy and my hand is pulled and make me touch something very hot. My lips feel some salvia and a big face is in my front of me. I felt something touch my behind and feel my big breast are dangling. By the time I realised I am on the Sofa and Ali kissing my boobs and sucking them and pinching them over my cloths. His hand is now inside my valva and my hand wanted to stop his hands but the brandy I had, taken all my strength. I can only touch his bold head. I thought If he is going to fuck me, I have to request him to make it faster and don’t put his semens into my valva. His tongue now very fast moving and make my whole body shiver. All of a sudden I pulled his trousers and take his big and round penis in to my mouth. He ushhhes OHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYYBitchhh mydarling . Now we are still on the sofa my dress is dropped, and Ali stand up go to the fridge and took a wine, opened it and drank and pull my head and pass all the wine into my mouth and continue kissing I swallow all his wine and salvia I became more crazy and hold his big cock at least 10” of size in my two hand and they are like Giant size full of meat. I suck it, I love it. I wanted to hold it as long as I can. I like it. Now I start kissing his Big cock and his ball and his ass holes. He was enjoying that for about 1 hour. Oh my it was a wonderful thing. I played with his balls and it is red like apples. Ali lift me up and make me sit down, Both of us are nude and my wet panty and my wonderful see through dress and the bra are here and there.

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