A wild and passionate sex with wife’s friend – Monica (English adult story)


This story is about my wife’s colleague ( monica ) who is in her late 20’s. She was too cute and beautiful with a size 2 or 4 body. Her bra size would have been 34C I guess with a perfect 34 28 34 and a round sexy ass. She had beautiful long black hairs which would spread all over her shoulders till her ass.

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My wife and monica are part of the local club and actively get involve in their activities by hosting and coordinating many events. One day monica came to our home to plan for an event as part of women’s day. She was wearing a tight salwar kameez and dupatta. Though we didn’t know each other very well, monica was keen to have conversation with me and was very friendly. I liked that attention as it let her come close to me giving an opportunity for me to smell her sexy body. Weather was a cloudy and bit on and off raining making it romantic day. They got into some work planning craft activities. Meantime, my wife got a call and had to rush to the club.

When I went to living hall, I saw monica just seated on the sofa with her duppatta lying on the floor near crafts. Thought she might have pulled it off to get comfortable. She saw me and greeted by asking me to sit next to her on the sofa. I said thank you and sat at the other end of the sofa.. I started exploring her…. Her kameez was so tight and deep necked. I could see her bra straps under kameez due to tightness and also her sexy cleavage along with lining of her bra. Her boobs were of milky white color. She observed me peeking through her cleavage and didn’t object or cover it.. Rather talked about the weather and said it she likes such a rainy day as it is more romantic.

By saying that, she ached her body up pushing her boobs more close to me. My dick under my shorts was getting hard. I kept my hand over my thighs to cover it. I wasn’t fully successful to cover as it appeared weird to keep both my hands over there.. She observed my both hands stuck over my thighs…but not the tent yet. Meantime, she continued to play with me. In the pretext of tying her hairs, she lifted her hands up and pulled her hairs together, making her armpits visible which was wet and also exposed more of her cleavage. Her body smell, armpits and cleavage made me go mad…

While doing so, she was trying to reach for a clip to tie her hairs and acted of slipping down which forced me to get up to hold her which allowed my tent to be clearly visible. That was a nice trick she did and immediately giggled saying what is that poking through your shorts. I could no longer hide it and was wondering what to respond. She continued and said, you are busy gazing my cleavage, you naughty fellow.

I said sorry and was planning to move out of the sofa. She held my hand and said that’s ok sushant… please sit. She was more interested to talk and said I like your company and you can see me wherever you want and winked…. I was like ok and smiled… She asked why are u smiling.. I replied nothing… just that… can I only pleasure my eyes or can I also feel too… She was like.. u naughty sushant… Don’t you touch your wife… then you are only allowed to see .. no touching…

I said, I can touch my wife but you have such an awesome attractive body. Your husband is very lucky. monica replied what if you were my husband, what would have u done. I replied – Should I tell or make you feel it… For that, she hit me on my shoulder you dog… you are bad and good… I continued, if I was your husband, I would have not let you wear this sexy kameez and instead let you be only in your inner wears at home :). She was like…. oooh no….. u r too bad… and later said, Am I not looking sexy with this dress.

I immediately replied, oh yeah.. you are very sexy… but, would have preferred you to wear less or no clothes so I could adore your body in a kinky way… She was keen to know more.. I said, I will rip apart your clothes and suck and bite your entire body. I could see through her eyes the emotion building up and her keenness increasing more every second.

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