Look Your Naked Best for First-Time Sex



Sex… sigh! This three-letter word can be so pleasurable and stressful at the same time. When having sex for the very first time ever or for the first time with a new man, there is a lot of pressure to look sexy, and of course, perform. We have already coached you ladies a lot when it comes to raising the temperature in the bedroom. Now it’s time to tell you how to seduce your man by just being au naturel.

Au natural: Guys love a woman sans make up. They love the clean look. But ignorance is bliss, ladies. Let him think you are not wearing any make up when in fact you’re wearing just the right amount. Opt for a bit of mascara and some blush for a good measure. We are sure your body is perfect but a little bronzer never hurt either.

Accessories: Just because you are naked doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise. Wear the sexiest pair of stilettos you own and for a more dramatic gesture, add a feather boa. If not the boa, then go for a neckpiece that ends just between your breasts.

Posture: Standing or just about sitting with your back straight will make you look slimmer and more confident. Lift your chin and it will make your neck look long and slim. Sit in a natural arch to make your breasts and butt appear fuller.

All pruned up: We are not suggesting that you completely get rid off the forest, but trimming never hurt. No man wants to waste time looking for ‘IT’. Just remember he would want to go down on you if it’s all neat and clean. While you are at it, clean off all hair on your hands, legs, underarms and other problem areas too.

Mani-pedi: Believe it or not, most men suffer have a foot fetish. So if your hand and legs are groomed, he will love the classy you. No man wants to look at chipped nails, or the worst still, chipped nail polish. Even if you don’t have the time to visit a parlour, just take a filer and do a home DIY mani-pedi.

Push ups: Believe it or not, doing push ups makes you feel good about yourself and pumps up the right muscles. It helps in boosting your confidence and releases endorphins that will prep you for a fun night. Post the push ups, there is a lot of sexercise bound to follow.

Wavilicous: Do not wash your hair. We know you want it all clean and fragrant, so wash your mane the day before. Let it fall all tousled on your bare shoulders to that effortlessly sexy look. Or better yet, tie it with a hairpin, and when you appear in front of him, let it all tumble down. Your wavy hair will be a big turn on and you will look like a sex diva.

Be uninhibited: Leave all your inhibitions behind and be comfortable with your naked self. Sucking in your stomach will only make you look constipated, not sexy. Be confident in your skin and parade around him, showing him what he’s about to have.

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