‘Research’ Project ( A Group Sex story)


If she were going to learn more about herself, she was going to have to spend time with the man who knew her best. They talked, shared stories, laughs and even many moments of pain. He helped her through the toughest times she’s know in her life. What he wanted from her now, in exchange for their friendship was more than she could offer. It was not from reluctance, but from lack of knowledge. He wanted her to tell him exactly what she wanted from a man sexually. She was a novice. In her mind, she could express a fantasy. In actuality, she had no living proof that the fantasies would or could result in the orgasm he wanted for her.

They sat one night and talked over a few drinks. Unfortunately he chose the drinks and it was one of the few to bring out the best in her. The best emotions, that is. She was trying to remember if she had ever told him rum did that, but could not bring up a memory of it. The conversation went on for more than an hour on the same topic still her answers did not change. She liked the way his tongue felt, and she enjoyed the way he sucked on her clit so gently but rougher as, or if, the situation warranted. He could please her any night of the week. The answers he wanted were deeper and more intricate.

They consumed more than their fair share of alcohol before getting in the limo they hired for the weekend. She hired it so they could travel anyplace and not worry about the driving. Being able to drink and travel was ideal as well. Since her memory was not too sharp tonight, they resorted to occupying themselves with a little petting and kissing and whatever else they could squeeze in during the rest of the fifteen minutes back to the hotel.

He helped her out of the car, collected her panties from the floor and stuffed them in his pocket. Their foreplay continued uninterrupted across the lobby, into the elevator, up the final few flights of stairs so he could get his exercise, and into their room. He let them in, carried her from this point to the bed. Throwing her into the overstuffed down comforter, she let out a playful scream and put her arms out to invite him to join her on top. He made sure she was properly covered when he tossed her, but she just flipped the hem of her skirt over her hips. It was a form fitting skirt and her feet could not possibly reach opposite corners of the bed if her thighs were restrained with a skirt.

He took one glance her way and made short time arriving face first between her legs. She reached for his cheeks and guided him. That knowing tongue of his pushed its way through her pussy lips. The feel was of a penis with a muscular control all its own. She screamed right away at the sensations he was now triggering through her body. In her mind, she could visualize what he was doing. Only, she didn’t really know what it all looked like from his perspective. Maybe if she could watch him, he could help her know what he was asking.

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