sex fucking With Father In Law For His Money real sex story


[size=150:nkbgek6q]I was born in a middle class family where cash was always short of requirements and married to a man who said he was working as property dealer but did not earn a dime so my demand of all luxuries of life were unfulfilled. I also longed for gold, good perfumes, good dresses but then money was not there.

My father in law although not rich could make a house in Delhi which came well within the city and income from rent was good. His wife had expired and expenses were low so the old man had good money lying in banks. I always planned to get hold of that money.

One day when I was bathing I felt as if somebody is on the door. Our house was old and bathroom door had lots of small holes. It appeared to me that somebody had put eyes on one such hole. Since I and my father in law were the only two people at home at that time It could have been my father in law only. As a knee jerk reaction I lunged for something to cover my body but then a lightening though struck my mind. Why not seduce the old man and get money out of pocket. The thought sent a chill down my spine and wetness in my c*nt.

Firming up my thought I turned so as to face the door and give full view of my boobs to baba. I am sure the old man must have gone mad to see my big boobs and milky white curves. I allowed my boobs to dangle a bit. Even opened my thighs to let him see my pink pot.

From that day it became a routine. Whenever I entered the bathroom baba will be there on the door within minutes and I will bare all for him. I even shaved my pu**y in his full view and when I was having periods I opened my thighs to full inserted cloth there to let old man see what is happening there.

Then one day I noticed that baba had made a hole in toilet door too, a small pin hole. Now he could see me pissing too. I used this opportunity to let him see the golden shower from my hole and enjoy. I would widen my legs more and more to let him have a fuller view of my holes. They were all shaved and clean now. At night also I noticed him to be standing near our bed room door specially when we were having sex. I started muttering dirty sexy words to excite him.

Then one day I decided to seduce him to bed. I was sure not much provocation will be required. That day I shaved my pu**y again. (shaving pu**y makes me more horny).. Wore a low cut blouse , saare (an Indian dress) below naval walked to baba’s bed. He was lying with his lund touching the bed and I am sure he was masturbating.

I sat on bed and started talking about my mother in law and the relations they had slowly changing to sex relations. He told that since she was ill for few years before death they could not have sex and their sexual relations were not very good.

I asked him "Baba what can I do for" He was surprised and shocked.

Then he recovered and said "Tum to kuchh bhee kar saktee ho" I said "baba aap apnee bahu ke rahte parweshan raho yeh achha naheen lagta na"

He was overjoyed and gripped me. I also held him tightly to let his face touch my boobs and my musky smell fill his nose and heart.

After kissing me and pressing my boobs he was eager to get inner things. So I opened my blouse and he undid the saaree. He showered kisses on my boobs and naval and his hand was busy between my thighs caressing my vagina.

I turned him. His pyjama was open . I took out his co*k. It was very big and thick. I liked it. It made my ch**t go into floods. I rubbed it between my palms and planted a kiss on it. Baba was now nearly mad, panting at high pitch like a snake.

He wanted more of my body now. I helped him remove the bra. My melons were now in front of him. He sucked them and made me more and more hot. He was expert in that. Then my rest of the clothes were gone and I was stark naked in front of him with my shaved pu**y. He planted few kisses over my labia and it became more juicy.

He said "Suman you are very beautiful"

I responded "oh baba I am all yours now"

Hearing this he pinned me on bed and came between my legs and wanted to insert his red hot co*k in my flowing love hole. I also wanted this to happen so took hold of it and rubbed it on my c*nt lips. Its head all became wet and was ready to slip into my honey pot.

He increased pressure and I raised my hips. It went full into me. I had never had such a big co*k to there was slight pain but I liked it enjoyed it and felt the head right into my womb. He started pumping it and I wanted to increase his joy. So rubbed my pu**y by shaking my hips. It went well. Baba was in heaven. He was mutterining suman suman suman suman with every pounding. My flooding love hole and his pounding produced sexy sounds and I also started muttering those dirty words. It excited him more and more and he started biting me.

Then he was about to cum…..He started shooting his hot lava in me. I also showed that I am cumming for him by raising my ch**tads and crying a lot of oooohhhh aaaaahahsssss etc. ( I was close to cumming but since baba had had it after so long he ejaculated first)

His semen filled my ch**t completely and overflowed to my thighs and went to bed sheet. I loved that hot flow around my body parts.

I completely finished him and then turned him. Cleaned his body with my bra and licked and smelt it in front of him and smiled wicked, He was holding my naked c*nt lips and closed his eyes. After that I became baba’s slut. He directed me not to close the bathroom door when I bathe and he can have full view from his bed. I extracted lot of goodies from him including jewelry of my MIL and regular supply of money for good bras, panties, shoes, perfume and clothes for me and finally managed to get the house worth a crore in my husband’s name leaving his elder son out. The court case is still on…..

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