Fu*king my maid very hot sex story


[size=150:1mfniz9y]My Fu*king Maid. Hi everyone. Thanks for the nice response to my last story.
Here is another one. Being long, I have broken it down into parts. This is
around the time I was about 18 years old and was perpetually horny and on the
lookout for some relief for my libido. I had no qualms about having sex with or
eyeing any woman, no matter what her age or relationship to me was. I was
already a veteran of having screwed an aunt of mine, who was a good lay, but
since she was staying in another town, not readily available. Rani was our
maidservant, about 28 years old. She had an ample body, with big breasts from
breast feeding her two children. But they did not sag even an inch, probably
due to all the manual labour she had to do as a maidservant. Her bums were nice
and round. She was of wheatish complexion and was altogether not too bad
looking. She generally wore a sari, which she tied rather low, leaving her
belly and belly button naked to my lusy eyes.While sweeping the floor or
working around the house, she had to squat, and I used to waste no opportunity
to feast my dirty eyes on her fulsome body. I really would get turned on
watching her cleavage showing from her blouse or when her sari would get caught
in the crack of her bum, outlining her full buttocks in all their glory. In my
masturbatory fantasies I had screwed Rani so many times, but in real life I was
waiting for an opportunity. This came in the form of an outstation trip that my
parents had to undertake in connection with some marriage in the family. They
were to be out for a full week, and ever since I got to know of this I was in a
constant state of erection thinking of the moment I will finally put my co*k in
Rani’s hot pu**y. Actually, Rani had also seen me staring at her almost every
day, and I could make out from her behaviour that she would not object to it.
Infact, whenever she would find me looking at her, she would deliberately try
and give me a better glimpse of her wares. My parents left early morning, and I
waited eagerly for her to turn up thereafter. She finally arrived, and I had no
doubt left in my mind that her intentions were similar to mine from the way she
was dressed up. It was very obvious that she had taken pains to look sexy and
attractive, as she was aware that I would be alone at home due to my parents
absence. This further hardened my erection which had been raging from the
morning. She also could notice this as I was wearing pyjamas without and
underwear, and the front was standing out like a tent. I thought that in order
to make it more interesting I would wait for her to make the first move. I was
reasonably sure in my mind that she would do that. So I paid no particular
attention to her as she brushed past me into the house. I went and lay down on
my bed and pretended to doze as I could hear her going around the house
cleaning. She then came to my room and started sweeping the floor. I was lying
on my side and my co*k was straining the material of my pyjamas, waiting for a
chance to get out and get in. She was in her usual squatting position, sweeping
the floor. her pallu was around her waist, which gave me a direct view of her
blouse without any hindrance. Her big fat b**bs were there in their full glory
bobbing up and down with each move of hers. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her
nipples were very obviously erect and pushing out against the sheer material of
her blouse. Infact, the black ring around her nipple was clearly visible
through her white blouse. When she turned her backside towards me, I could make
out the shape of her fat buttocks so clearly with the sari caught in the divide
between the two round globules of her bums. I kept watching and kept getting
harder and harder. In the course of cleaning she once again changed her
direction and her front was facing me again. I was busy pretending to sleep
lying down on my side. But I was watching her through shaded eyes. I almost
jumped out of the bed when I saw what she did next – she adjusted her sari and
raised it in such a manner so as to expose her pu**y to me when she opened her
legs slightly. Now she squatted with her legs wide open and her calves and her
pu**y showing in it’s full glory – though I could not make out much
clearly.What she did further made me madder with lust. She put her hand in and
took her finger inside her cunt. She was fully aware that I was only pretending
to sleep and she was trying to incite me. She took out her hand and smelt it,
and then continued to clean the floor with her cunt still exposed as before. I
was sleeping (pretending to) with my hand hanging down from the side of the
bed. When she came closer to the bed while cleaning, and her back was turned to
me. Her sari was caught in the cleft of her ass as usual, and her beautiful ass
was outlined for my feasting eyes. It was nice and taut, and luscious. My
erection was in it’s full glory. I slowly reached out and caressed her bums.
She continued sweeping the floor as if nothing has happened. I got bolder and
pressed her bums harder. She dropped the broom, turned around and gave me a
longing look. I could see the raw lust in her eyes. I asked her, "Rani, mujhe
apni ch**t chodne degi?" She merely nodded. As I was in no hurry, and she was
in none too, I wanted to prolong our love play for as long as possible. So I
told her to come to the bathroom. I thought I would make her have a bath, so
that she would be nice and clean for me to fu*k, and also I would watch her
taking a bath, which would be sexy too. So I told her to come to the bathroom
and take a bath. She readily agreed. I closed the lid of the commode and sat on
it while she undressed. She took off her sari and petticoat, and I got a full
sight of her magnificent ass and her cunt, which was covered with hair. Her
thighs were smooth, and she had no hair on her legs which were smooth too.
There was no trace of fat on her body, except for the slight tyre around her
tummy, which was rather sexy in itself. She had hints of stretch marks on her
belly, which were probably due to having two children. She took off her blouse
too and proudly showed me her gorgeous b**bs. They were nice and firm, and
topped by big, erect nipples. I could not stop myself from feeling her up a
bit. I called her closer and ran my hands all over her body. I kneaded her
ample breasts and her awesome ass, and got a nice feel of her cunt. I did not
want to hurry this up at all, so I left her and told her to go and take a bath.
She turned on the tap to fill the bucket, and sat down on the bath stool. I
continued sitting on the commode, from where I had a good view of her. She sat
with her legs splayed, and her cunt wide open for me to see. She took the soap
and started applying it all over her – she was enjoying every bit of this as
much as I was, knowing fully well that she had filled me with lust for her
body. She soaped herself well, and it was very erotic for me to watch her
soaping her breasts, her bums and rubbing her pu**y with soap. Her pubic hair
were glistening with the soap, giving me another idea. After she had soaped her
body all over, she proceeded to pour water. All this while I sat and feasted my
eyes on her body while playing with my co*k. I had taken off my pyjamas, and
was naked too. She kept turning and giving hungry looks at my massive co*k,
which she knew would be deep inside her cunt before too long. She finished her
bath and I gave her a towel to dry her body. She towelled herself, and pulled
the towel to and fro between her legs to rub dry her pu**y. I then told her
that she had too much hair on her pu**y, and would be nicer if she shaved it –
inf act, I offered to do it for her. I took my shaving brush and cream, and
told her to come closer to the commode I was sitting on. She did so, and I
caught her bums and ran my hands all over her engorged pu**y. She shivered,
part from excitement and part from the slight chill after having had a bath. I
rubbed my hand nicely on her pu**y, and could smell the musky aroma of her
womanhood. Her cunt was really wet, probably from the anticipation of a good
fu*k. I caught her by her bums and started applying lather on her pu**y. She
had a really hairy pu**y, with the hair going almost upto her belly, and along
her thighs. I applied the lather nicely, and the process was obviously turning
her on much more, as the shaving brush moving against her cunt was making her
hornier than ever. I alternated the process by kneading her bums really hard,
and even stuck a finger right up her asshole. This made her wiggle her ass,
which was very erotic. After I had spread the lather nicely, I took the razor
and proceeded to shave her pu**y hair. I had to apply lather thrice to get a
satisfactory finish, but the end result was stunning. Her cunt was really
beautiful. Big pouting lips, slightly reddish in colour with the wetness
dripping from them. I made her wash off the excess hair, and Put my lips to her
cunt and gave her a nice licking.[/size:1mfniz9y]

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