Re: 24 hours, 5 years, 10 months(romantic story series)


Those two were having a great time. After hanging in hospitals and not knowing what was up with Jay, they were letting their hair down and were getting downright silly. It was Friday night and Gail Marie needed to work but I was going to be off. We all stayed up till 11 again and hit the hay.

This time we were a bit more relaxed and Gail Marie and I talked quietly about the day. She would occasionally slur a word, so I knew that there was more wine than she needed. Mary’s bedroom was at the other end of the house. We were quiet, but didn’t have to worry about disturbing her. As I turned off the light, I leaned over to give a goodnight kiss, and felt her arm pull me closer, not letting me go.

Her hand immediately got into the boxers that I wear to bed. The alcohol and the conversation that she had Mary must have been real interesting. I pulled her nightgown over her head and my t-shirt and boxers went flying. She was on her back and I started sucking on her tits while my hand found a very wet pussy waiting for me. I immediately got an "Ohhh yesss" from her. No fore play needed. Guess I didn’t need to clean up the kitchen sink today.

Before I went any further, she slipped down and brought her face to my cock. Feeling her mouth on me was great. She was bobbing her head up and down and then pulled her mouth off, while continuing to stroke me. "Lover?" she said before she started to lick my helmet again. "Do you find Mary attractive?"

This is not a question that you ever want to be asked with your lover, especially after our history. "I guess so, but why do you ask?"

"Oh, she and I have been talking and I was just kind of wondering."

Was this a little bit of playing, was this some fantasy was this…

"We’ve been talking and she’s not been with any one for quite a while." Her mouth went back on my cock and made me feel heaven. "And I was wondering if …"

"Gail Marie, where is this coming from?"

At this she pulled her mouth off of me, but continued to stroke me. "Years ago I was with her husband and you were faithful. I thought that I could give you a chance to" Then she started sucking me again.

Don’t think with your dick.

Jim, don’t think with your dick.


She now moved completely between my legs and got up on all fours. For our enjoyment, she started frigging her pussy for me to see while sucking me off. We’ve done this before.

I continued, "Is this…" and she really started sucking me hard and then harder. Her hand in her pussy was making her back arch and her mouth moan on my cock. She loves showing off for me. Then she pulled off my cock and looked into my eyes. "She’s going to be here for at least a couple more days. Why don’t you think about it Jim. I think that you’d like it and it would do her and me good."

Her hands and mouth started working overtime, her tits swaying. She was going to get us both off at the same time, and I knew she was going to swallow. It was a special way we sometimes made love.

I felt the start of me coming, and she felt the change in my cock. I exploded in her mouth and a second later she went over the edge. I have no idea how many times I shot into her mouth, but some of my cum dripped out onto me. We both collapsed after the aftershocks and she spooned into me for an alcohol induced sleep. My mind raced as I fought to slowly think about the offer from my drunken partner.

The two women were long gone by the time I woke up. No notes or calls during the day. I started to feel that this was a bit of alcohol fueled fantasy and it would go away on its own.

With my day off, I puttered around the house and prepared dinner. I grilled asparagus, some zucchini and a couple of hamburgers. I learned how to make the ‘fancy schmancy’ salad that included olives, feta cheese and some dried cranberries and walnuts.

I had set the table and opened up a Sicilian red to breath. Ten minutes later, Gail Marie’s car pulled up in the driveway and only one person got out. "Where’s Mary? I thought that both of you would be here for dinner."

"Well actually it’s great news. Jay was just out of the coma and was able to say a few words. He really was in shock when he first saw Mary, then me. He probably thought he was dreaming, or a nightmare. After he figured out that I was real, he tried to talk with me when the nurse came in and told him to relax for now.

"Mary will be staying at the hospital by his side till later tonight. I’ll go and get her when she calls for a ride back. It was pretty good news. The worse news, severe brain damage, didn’t happen."

"Why don’t you change and we can have a quiet meal together."

It was about 10 minutes when Gail Marie came back, wearing her tight jeans and a low cut blouse. Not her normal. I was being primed and I knew that we had more to talk about.

We had a pretty quiet meal, talking about Jay and Mary and his kid and anything else but her offer. I felt the undercurrent and I’m sure she did too. We cleared the table and went to the living room to sit.

She was the one who opened it up. "So, what do you think about what I suggested yesterday? Are you interested?"

"To say that I am shocked is a bit of an understatement. Yesterday, I thought that it was the wine talking. Now you’re telling me that it was real."

"Yes,. it’s real. What’s not to like. Your girlfriend thinks you deserve this and Mary sure could use it and…"

"Have you two talked about his?"

"We have," she paused, "and we haven’t. Getting back to the house on Friday, we were both elated that Jay was doing better. Maybe me more than Mary." I gave her a frightened look.

"No, not like that Jim, not like that at all. Medically, I knew what else could be wrong but I didn’t share that with Mary. She didn’t need to hear all the bad things it could be when there wasn’t any way to rule them in or out."

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