Sensual Scene — A Honeymoon on the Caribbean cruise.



[size=150:29qxsxgw]It’s our honeymoon and we are on a Caribbean cruise. After a dinner of steak and lobster I took my sweetheart back to our room and went to our room. Her face was blushed and she looked so cute in my eyes. I brush some of her long brown hair out of her face and she smiles up to me.

"Please, take me." She whispers.

My love was a little shorter than me, with round hips and pert breasts, she is so gorgeous in my eyes. Leaning forward, my lips meet hers and I close my eyes. All I can feel is her tongue dancing around mine and her hands in my hands. Pulling away from her, I grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it up over her head. Her hands work behind her back and her bra falls off, exposing her perky fair skinned breasts. I can feel myself getting hard at the sight of them. Both my sweet and I are virgins, having saved ourselves for each other and for this night.

Kissing down her neck, I feel her shudder in my arms. I kiss down her chest and over one of her breasts. I can only hear her breathing as I kiss down to her pink tit and I circle my tongue around it. She gives a small hum and I gently tweak her nipple with my teeth. A soft moan comes from her. I work my way over to her other breast and massage it softly with my tongue. Her breaths are heavier now and I can feel her starting to get hot. My kisses trail down her stomach and to her tan Bermuda shorts. I undo them and pull them down to her ankles.

Running my hands up the back of her legs, I kiss up the inside of her thigh and over to her cute pink panties. I move across her panties and kiss down to where her most sensual spots are. She gives an audible moan as my kisses lead down between her legs. My hands rub up her backside and I move back up to her waistline. Taking her panties in my teeth, I pull them down to her knees. My love is watching me the whole time, I’m sure the pleasure she feels is wonderful. Working my way back up her legs, I look at her sweet womanhood. It was flush and exposed, glistening with a small touch of wetness. I run my tongue over her pudenda and she breaths in. My hands keep rubbing around her lower back as my mouth works down between her legs again. I smell her, it is intoxicating, driving me forward.

My tongue touches her sweet womanhood for the first time. She gasps softly, feeling my touch on her most secret parts. I slip my tongue gently between her nether lips and she gives a low moan. Her taste gently rolls over my tongue and I love it. My tongue moves down over her perineum and back up over her labia. It slips around her labia, moving it around gently. My sweet’s breathing gets heavier and she moans longer. My tongue pokes between her labia, touching her inner folds. It feels strange on my tongue and she is almost shaking with pleasure at this point. I push my tongue further, tasting the wetness of her arousal. My tongue prods into her vagina and I hear her gasp loudly. She is barely standing on her feet at this point and I help her sit down on the queen size bed behind her. She scoots back to the pillows, leaving her panties on the floor.

I quickly strip my clothing, exposing myself without rhyme or reason. Crawling onto the bed like a great stalking beast, I see her spread her legs for me to continue. I wrap my arms around her gorgeous, curvaceous thighs. Her sweet nether region is glinting with even more wetness. I move in to lick it up. Returning to where I was, I hear her moan loudly. Pushing my tongue as deep in her as I can, I feel her inner muscles move. She moans loudly, feeling my lips on her lower lips. I flick my tongue around sensually, pushing and twitching around her sweet sex. I bring my hands around to pull her open. She moans softly at her vagina being pulled open. I expose that sweet little knob at the top of her pink sweetness and give it a gentle lick. The response is immediate. She gives a cry and arches her back, throwing her chest forward. I smile, enjoying the sight of my love in such throws of ecstasy.

I give her clitoris a very gentle tweak with my teeth and she cries out loudly, her legs jerking on either side of me. I push one finger slowly into her and she moans as it’s inserted. I push around inside her, feeling the most intimate parts of my love. My finger is quickly soaked from her fluids. I crawl forward and straddle her thigh. My hand is still working down between her legs as I lean forward to lick around one of her nipples. She moans loudly and wraps an arm around my head. I smile and keep pleasing her. Inserting a second finger, I watch her moan and coo with pleasure. I push them deeper and she gives a long moan. My fingers push around inside her, feeling every bit of her insides. She is breathing heavily, shaking with pleasure. My fingers brush over a spot inside her that feels different, almost spongy. I brush back over it and my love moans loudly. Apparently it felt good, so I press my fingers to it and keep rubbing. She cries out loudly at my pleasuring of this spot. I feel her start to shake harder.

"Oh god…It’s coming!" She cries loudly.

I rub the spot a bit more and she gives another loud cry. I feel her insides constricting around me and I remove my fingers. Her entire body shakes beneath me and I see a small spray of fluid from her vagina. A raise an eyebrow, this wasn’t anything they told us about in sexual education class in high school. Crawling down between her, I inspect this occurrence. There was a damp spot between her legs and a small amount of wetness still dripped from her.

"Oh…god…so…ohhh…" She moans, still breathing very hard. Her eyes flutter and she puts a hand to her chest. Her entire body is slick with sweat at this point and I smile.

"What was that?" I ask, pointing between her legs.

"A…An orgasm…" She breaths.

"No, the fluid. It’s not urine." I point out.

"D…Did you make me squirt…?" She breaths, looking down between her legs.

"I suppose so." I smile, apparently a squirt is a good thing.

"God…I’ve never been able to do that…" She huffs, still breathless.

"Was it that good?" I ask.

She just nods quickly, pushing her hair back behind her.

"Take me now…" She says, holding out her arms, "I’m ready."

I oblige her, crawling up until my phallus is lined up properly. She nods her head and I push. She cringes slightly as I push into her. I feel some resistance, presumably her hymen. I push gently forward, feeling it tear. My love bites her lip and closes her eyes. I stop, fearing I’ve hurt her.

"Go…go on." She says, opening her eyes.

I push further, marveling at the feeling. She is so hot, so tight around me, I cannot believe the pleasure. Her wetness is more than enough lube for my uncircumcised penis. I reach the length of my reach and pull back. She breaths out and gives a small moan. I almost pull out of her and start to push back in. She feels so wonderful around me that I almost start to lose it. I stir the deepest parts of her and she moans loudly. I start to get a rhythm and she moans louder. I can hear the squelching of our genitals together. She is so wet and hot that my own orgasm can’t be too far off.

My hips move back and forth on their own, furthering the pleasure through my body. I put my hands on her hips and push faster, watching her moan louder. Her burning insides clench around me, as if trying to milk my seed from me. It feels more wonderful than I could’ve ever imagined. I give a loud moan and push into her, feeling her wonderful depths. So soft…so warm…so wonderful, I just couldn’t stop. My orgasm is just a few pushes away.

"Honey…I’m…going to…soon…" I moan, warning her, slowing my pace.

"Inside sweetie…I want a baby…I want you…to give me…a cute little…girl…" She moans loudly.

I push harder, bringing myself to an orgasm. Pleasure shocks through me and my hips start to buck on their own. I feel my seed spitting from the end of my erection. I stay inside her, not wanting to leave the warm tightness. I push one last time before my erection starts to fade. Pulling out of her, I hear her sigh happily. I fall down into bed next to her, tired.

"So…A daughter huh…?" I say, looking over at her sweaty face.

"I…I hope…" She breaths, clasping my hand.

"I hope so too." I tell her, kissing her softly.

She crosses her legs and cuddles up against me. I pull the blankets up over us and start to run my fingers gently down her head. She sighs softly and puts her head down on my chest. She looks so cute, the tired little smile on her face. I wrap an arm comfortingly around her and we fall asleep together.

I love this woman so much.[/size:29qxsxgw]

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