Amisha Patel’s Ordeal


Amisha was on a tour to different parts of India, these mostly included remote and rural places. It was a journey she wished to be free from all her busy schedules and priorities. So the first things she kept away were her mobile and laptop. She didnt want to be connected she wanted to be free from all these tensions.
Amisha recollected everything she has done from the day one of her wonderful journey as her SUV sped along the rough terrains of the un surfaced roads. She have visited almost everything that she wished to visit, all those beautiful moments she captured in her HD cam for later viewing. She couldnt suppress a blissful smile thinking of all the good hospitable people she met. She thought of some of those village hunks staring at her beautiful legs in her skimpy trousers. She couldnt help but laugh when she remembered how a boy was secretly masturbating after she gave him a kiss on his cheeks. She loved the attention here or in Bollywood, the latter which was diminishing recently. Of course of the reels and on the bed she was still popular, in a way that kept her finances going and luckily none of those nosy journalist has smelled upto her goody girl image.
Thinking of all this had made amisha feel a bit tingly between those creany thighs. Of all things she packed she never went to a place without her favourite. Hell she even prefered to call him by his pet name ‘blacky’, her favourite dildo. It came with everything thats what she loved about it, he was of the perfect size a thick 8 inches of ribbed silicone, it looked so real it even bulged with veins. Besides that it had a strong vibrator embedded in it and also a cavity and set of balls so you caould fill something warm to replicate for the jizz. She absolutely loved those sessions with him. The wonderful orgasms she gave her and on top of it the feeling of that warm cum like liquid filling her insides.
She grazed through her bag idly, her hands suddenly found it immaediatly she didnt usually keep it in her handbag. Suddenly Amisha had a kinky idea. She wanted to masturbate as she sped along these roads there was nobody in vicinity, she could see the road ahead of her not even a living soul for miles ahead. She thought of it again a bit shy about the slutty act she was about to do. She had loved it to show off, especially after those bikini songs, she remembered how she had to finger herself after all those oggling looks she received. She felt the urge inside going to fever pitch within moments as she remembered the events. She couldnt control herself anymore, she emptied the contents of the bag onto the seat and grabbed blacky.
A moan of uncontrolable lust slipped out of those fleshy soft lips. She slipped down her panties in a hurry, she didnt know why she was so lusty all of a sudden her need for sex was insatiable since she had first whetted her appetite for it. She couldnt get those damn panties of her legs, but she was in such a hurry she tore it off, she was dripping without even the slightest of touch on her body. She didnt wait for any foreplay, she dipped blacky into the hot, moist confines of her velvetty pussy. She gave out a loud moan as she felt a sudden surge of those pearly soapy juices inside her cunt. The itchy need inside her pussy it was growing by the second. The flames of passion consuming her whole body, with a desperate need she roughly fucked herslelf, she turned the vibe on, she screamed from the sudden snsation of her soft pussy being tingled from the inside. She began to buck her hips violently, grinding her pussy deeper onto the unmerciful pleasures the dildo was giving her. “Oh blackyyyyyyyyyyyyy” she groaned as she felt her insides being eaten away by the vibrations. The world seemed to melt before eyes as the first wave of plaesure lashed through her body, every hair on her body stood on its end, every nerve end complaining about the sweet, tight contraction, like a huge ton of bricks ramming into her the orgasm ravaged her nubile body. She quickly squeezed the bulbous balls of the dildo as she felt her insides being filled with the hot thick jizz like fluid, this was it, the ultimate, the sexual nirvana, the peak of pleasure any women could ever acheive. She thrashed around her seat, she had long lost control of her body, ricochetting in the throes of the powerful orgasm that was so reluctant to wane off her whorely body.
BANG she saw it but couldnt do anything as her car ran through a post on the road side. She didnt realize that the strange ringing voice she heard during her orgasm was a police siren. She still wasnt free from the tremors of her orgasm when a hand knocked on her car window. She bumped and limped out of her car.
There was quite a sight before the officer who came on his enfield, there stood before him the famous Amisha Patel, the ice princess of his fantasies, with creamy fluids running down her thighs and the crotch end of her panties hanging from the hem of her skimpy skirts. She looked quite flushed, the warmth of the pleasures she just experienced showed in crimson on her cheeks, her blush adding more depth to it.
The officer was a well build man, his looks showed he was in his forties, might be nearing forty five. He wasnt huge and sinewy, but ripped perfectly for his size. The kind of physique that never compromised on flexibility but made his strength more hidden from the eyes of the observer. He walked over to the embarrassed star with a smile that shred off most of her fears. The smile was warm radiating from his eyes, his eyes fixed onto her eyes rather than her boobs or her torn panties. She didnt know if it was the aftermath of the orgasm but she had an immaediate liking to this decent officer. He asked in a surprisingly good english for the region “ Are you okay maa’m.”. They both knew what had happened and a knowing smile passed between them. He continued “ you have been speeding along these areas over a 120 do you realise that.” Amisha gasped she had been so careless. She apologised and asked “so you are going to give me a speeding ticket right.” he said that it was not possible due to the crash and she had to come to the police station. Amisha half hertedly went into her car, cursing her slutty behaviour for having her landed into this situation. She was on the verge of finishing of her tour and here she was following an officer into a police station of a place she didnt even know if existed on the maps of India.
She comforted herself saying that all is for good.
The station was looking damp and cold, it wasnt painted for the past thousand yaers and had that rustic appearance of every other building in the area. The officer that led Amisha to the station entered and came out with the circle inspector. Amisha was amazed at the way a circle inspectors office was maintained. The man who booked her was an SI. Besides these twothe station had 7 constables and an ASI.
Amisha entered the building shy about her appearance and embarrased about the oggling eyes. Yes, for the first time in her life she was hating herself for having drawn attention, of being the fantasy of men. The CI was fat like a pig and had a pot belly that complimemted his figure. He was chewing pan and the droplets of it flew in air whenever he spoke. He sat on his chair, Amisha was still standing not wanting to create a bad impression of being impolite. The CI said finally breaking the silence “ You accept thaat you have been speeding, and was behaving indecently.”. She eeked out a yes sir especially ashamed about the latter part of her crime. The ci continued “ before doing anything i have to consult the panchayath, we together decide an appropriate punishment for you. We know that you dont want to grab the attention of media by going through the normal procedures and that you wouldnt like to spend a lot of time in our paradise” he sid sarcastically the tone scaring her a bit. She couldnt suppress her tears anymore. The CI told her she could be awarded a 3 months imprisonment if under normal circumstances for charges of destroying government property, indecent behaviour in public and for speeding. So she could chose if she wanted to got to the court or to deal with the situation in his way. “Of course the choice is yours” he said. Amisha very well knew the chioce was only the way he mentioned. So she agreed to it.
We must now inspect you and your car. Amiha was scared and she quickly backed a few steps. The Si who brought her there laughed and said “ Dont worry we are no barbarians, you will be taken to a womens police station for the inspection.” Amisha gave a coquetted smile of relief.
The womens police station looked pretty much similar to its male counterpart. It was a bit more well kept, may be the presence of women in it amisha thought. There was an SI and three lady constables in this station. The SI was the officer in charge of that station, she looked stoutly build slightly on the plumper side. She had strong looking arms and a huge rack. Well it was even bigger than that of amisha’s, though a little bit saggier. She had a fine ass to compliment her structure and a milky white complexion. But it was her beautiful face that attracted her the most a strange sexiness spread over her otherwise innocent looking face. The constables were all dusky complexioned and were kind of stockily built somewhat near to a BBW.
The officer who booked Amisha and the lady SI wrer having a chat and Amisha was led into the station, the officer left immaediatly leaving the ladies alone. The lady SI told amisha in a very pleasent voice, “ i know you have nn previous experience in this, its just like with the gaenec. You can strip and we need to search you in your cavities. You can do it in that room.” she said pointing to room with huge mirror covered walls. Amisha felt a bit creepy hearing her. She urged amisha into that room with a friendly spank on her ass.
Amisha went into the room feeling a bit tingly about the thought of this beautiful sexy women about to see her nude and even further examine her holes. It wasnt the first time for her with girls but the situation was different in the other cases. Here she was going to be the one who is going to be the object of toying that too of four women. She began by removing her tight tank top revealing a sports bra that held those full bowls of cream. It was hot and all the police affairs had made her sweat a lot. There were beads of perspiration on her flawless skin, creating a moist and glittery sheen. She removed her skimpy skirts next, the lady officers enjoyed the show as she removed her skirt in an easy motion over her smooth sculpted legs. She felt extremely disgraced as she stood there in a set of torn panties and a sports bra having a large sweat spot on it. Amisha then turned onto the officers, to be greeted by a questioning stare. “Why did you stop” the SI asked Amisha in an annoyed tone. Amisha could just blabber out a few buts before the SI’s beautiful face turned into a stone cold glare. The beautiful face of the officer suddenly looked so commanding with her beauty adding more power to it. A drop of tear spilled over from Amisha’s beautiful eyes. She couldnt hold back her sobs any longer as she very shyly turned away from the SI and took off her bra. Weeping she took off her panties. And covering her nudity with her arms she kept her clothes in a pile. Her clothes were immaediately taken away by one of the constatbles and sealed off in a cover and kept in a cupboard. Looking at the creamy liquid sticking to her thighs the SI came close to her face and gave a laugh. Her looks were cutting through Amisha like a knife cutting warm butter. “Arms at your side, slut.” she said coldly, Amisha reluctantly moved her arms. Slap, Amisha felt as if it thundered on her face, there was a drop of blood on her soft lips. Amisha began to weep it had been years since she had last weeped. Whimpering like a puppy amisha stood fully exposed to the sight if the cops who were laughing at her plight. Amisha froze as the SI spread her legs and touched her pussy straight away, it had been two weeks since she had shaved and she was hairy down there. The SI was groping her splendid tits anjd grazing her fingers lazily over her poussy, all the while giving the poor damsel a lecherous grin.
She needs to be shaved, the SI told the constables. They giggled as they went out of the room. Amisha was pushed onto the table in that room, her body was adjusted so that her entire groin region stuck out of the table. Amisha never felt this vulnerable before, she felt so exposed and open. Her legs were bent at her knnes bringing out her entire mound and ass to the view of the SI. The constables returned with a bowl of water and shaving equipments. The SI began to lather up the shaving soap with her brush, when satisfied she applied the cream covered brush onto amishas womenly folds, she began lathering up every inch of her pussy, the strokes proceeded till it reached her asshole. This was the most sensuous feeling Amisha ever experienced in life the brush hairs and cream were making her pussy burn in lewd flames of desire, her whole body was tingling the pleasure building up within her whole body as the slow teasing proceeded ina meticulous and unexhaustive manner. The SI was deriving a sadistic pleasure watching the Bollywood star, her captive writhing in pleasure from her lavish administrations of that creamy lather, she ordrerd the constables to hold her firm as she proceeded to her bud of desire. Amisha couldnt believe the wanton moan came from her throat as the expert hands of the SI drew circles on her clit with the brush. Lasciviously she bucked her hips up to meet the ever shortening circle the rate of which kept on increasing. Amishas world was going mad, she begged and moaned and graoned like a bitch in heat, making incoherent requests to the cops who were torturing her with pleasure.
Amisha didnt notice one of the constables removing her dress, the SI asked not stopping the teasing, she kept the tempo of the tease jst short of a climax for the naughty bitch, “do you want to cum Amisha.” she could only reply PLEEEEEEASE, her mind and body now craved only for onething that inevitable climax which she desperately needed now. “If you are a good girl may be I will give it to you.” Amisha was ready to kill to get this climax, “Yes yesssssssssss pleeeeeeeeeease”, she screamed out her cunt now overflowing with desires that were burning her slowly. “Lick my ass slut” the order came from above her head as the constable mounted her face, her huge plump ass was hairy and looked so dirty, Amisha cried the indignity was unbearable, she begged her not to make her do it. “We will not force you, if you want to cum you need to clean the ass holes of everyone of us, now that you refused the first time you will have to beg for each of our ass holes”, the SI said in a flat tone. She began to beg she could feel that peak so close yet so far her nerves ends on fire, her body aching she needed it so badly. Humiliated to the core of her being Amisha begged the ugly hag in uniform, “ please maa’m will you give your asshole to this dirty little slut, please maa’m this dirty whore would clean your asshole , pleeeease.” the constable mounted her face again.
The constable’s ass smelled twice as bad as it looked and it tasted a crappy bitter, Amisha forced her tongue to lick the dirty hole it wouldnt give way easily. She fought her urge to puke, and forced her toungue to lick around the hole, she got another slap on her face. Her face stinging from the pain of the brutual strike, she screamed, eliciting a laughter from the sadistic bitches who were humiliating her like anything. “Clean my shitter you cunt, not around it.” the constable ordered. With her bowels revolting Amisha forced her toungue into the bitches rectum, the taste and smell becoming horrifiyingly stronger. Her tongue licked in waves moving in and out of the brown tight hole, as the constable began to grind her ass all over her face. There was a laughter agin as Amisha tried to move out of this new humiliation, the fat pig smothered amisha with her ass, after a while she released her face from the cruel smothering of her ass. As the poor beauty was gasping for air the cruel bitch farted right onto her nose, the disgusting smell made amisha choke, the humiliation of the act hurting her she broke out into a desperate weep, she was sobbing as she took almost another ten minutes before the constable washed Amisha’s pretty face with her obnoxious anal juices.

Bend over the table, she barked out that order on her face. Amisha complied immaediatly, her legs were spread far apart by the constables as the SI took out a big jar of some kind of creamy gooey lube.The officer smeared it all over her hands and fingers. She began to probe into Amishas pussy with her fingers forming a cone. Amisha squeeled out from the sensations of the officers filling feminine hand. She begged her to stop, the disgustingly full feeling was nauseating and the worst part was that she couldnt puke. Amisha kept on begging, her eyes searching for mercy on the eyes of her assaulters.
The hand kept on probing her tight cunt in an unyileding manner, amishas mouth was agap as the hand inched into her tight pussy. The merciless hand of the SI stopped breaching her tight walls suddenly. She said something to the constable, who bought a large syringe. The syringe was filled with the lube and emptied into amishas pussy. The probing now began with a new vigour. With despair amisha grunted as her tight cavity gave way to the fist of the officer. The si was expirementing with amishas pussy using her fingers to exploit those points which made Amisha most discomfortable. She grinned as some of the spots made Amisha grunt with discomfort. Amishas pussy was now driiping with her juices. The size of a fist still alien to her velvetty insides. The si now kept on probing Amishas discomfortabe spots. Amisha was now dancing to the tune of her fingers groaing and grunting with her teeth clenched.

“Bring it here” the SI said. The SI bought it in front of Amisha to give her a full view of it. She was enjoying the fear on the lovely lass all tied up in front of her, fully at her mercy. Amisha was seeing her worst nightmares come true.
It was a huge dildo, it was atleast 12” in length and had 5 spindle shaped knobs on it. Each knob increased in size towards the base of the dildo. The base had a handle like that of a swords. The bottom most knob was nearly the size of a tennis ball and the top one the size of a
ping-pong ball and to add to the monstrosity of these knobs they had short rough bristles on them.
The SI lubed up Amishas ass again with the pink coloured lube, the perfect word would be a lube enema, the syringe was filled with lube and its contents were emptied into Amishas tight ass with the plunger. Amisha was already feeling horrible, tears ran all over her face she was now sobbing without a stop. The SI’s right hand was still fisting her pussy.
Amisha was now only half concious, she came back to her proper senses with a scream as the SI inserted the dildos first knob into her anus. The first knob itself was hard for Amisha to take into her ass, and to her horror the officer wasnt stopping there she kept on pushing it deeper till the second knob was touching her rubbery spinchter. The officer took a few light strokes with the dildo and pushed it deep into her anus with such intensity that not only the second one but the third one too enterd the beautys ass. Amisha have never felt this disgustingly filled in her entire life. The maximum she had taken was a black bussinessman’s 10” inch prick. It was so good, but this was way off her limit. It wasnt the pain, but the nauseating sensation that tortured her.
The Si gently pushed the dildo further as the fourth knob reached her now overstreched and gaping spinchter. The lube was now frothing around her spinchter due to the enourmos size of the invading dildo. The Si gently twisted and turned the dildo, Amisha was now gritting her teeth, the bristles m,aking the most terrible itchy sensations inseide her colon. Amisha was held to the table by force by the constables. Her lovely bosom pressed hard against the table. Then with a forceful push Si inserted the fourth knob into Amishas ass. Amisha felt the world melting before her eyes she wanted to scream but even before she could do that she passed into a blissful blackout.


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