Jasmine’s Wedding Night


[size=150:okv1ad48]Jasmine and Aladdin had arrived at the palace her father had given to them as
a wedding present. After they enter and the door to the outside closed they
embraced each other…

Their mouth met in mutual hunger. She needed no coaxing to part her lips; the
slide of his tongue was an erotic delight that made her senses spin.

He rested his quivering hands on her shoulders. She was so soft and sleek.
He shifted his head to scan her entire body. She lifted her chin to meet the
appreciative gaze of her brown eyes. His hand deserted her shoulder to trace
lightly over her cheeks and parted lips, causing them both to tremble. His
finger leisurely trailed over her nose, around her alluring eyes, and poised
on her dainty chin. His hand was like an explorer, one who not only mapped
out territory, but claimed it as wel l.

Jasmine was content to stand mesmerized by him, to allow him free reign over
her body and will. She felt like a rose petal floating peacefully on an azure
see. Finally, her hands went upward to caress his chest. As her flattened
palms moved o ver his muscled flesh, she was aware of the thudding of his

Aladdin’s head lowered ever so slowly and his mouth deftly covered hers,
their tongues touching and teasing. Jasmine was ecstatic, Aladdin was what
she wanted and needed; and he was here with her. She felt so comfortable
with him. She felt al ive and happy. She felt wild and wonderful.

His hands eased to her full firm breasts, each capturing and tantalizing a
firm mound. There was no need for embarrassment or shyness or resistance.
They were married; they were in love; they could do anything which pleased

Aladdin felt her nipples harden under his palms. Shivers, like lightning,
raced through her body as he kneaded her amazingly sensitive nipples between
his thumb and forefinger. His hands squeezed the pleading mounds and sweetly
tormented the thrusting peaks.

His head bent forward as his probing tongue touched hers; they savored the
taste of each other.

Jasmine’s hands roved the hard, smooth body before her. They played over the
taut, sinewy muscles across his chest and lining his shoulders. They roamed
over and around his slim, flat stomach. Her fingertips playfully grazed his
hips, then wa ndered to examine his firm buttocks. His actions were stealing
her senses and control.

Gently he traced the outline of her spine down to its base, then he softly
felt the shape of her buttocks. Crushing her against his body so that he
could feel his mounting excitement, he slowly pushed his hand underneath
her silk pants and sh e felt his hand on the naked flesh below her panties,
then he slid his hand under the delicate lace. Jasmine was shaking, she
wanted him with an intensity that was unbelievable, her knees were trembling
and she didn’t think she could stand much longer. She felt him hard against
her as his fingers caressed her quivering buttocks and firmly pulled her
against him. With an effort, Aladdin pulled himself away, gave a great sigh
of anticipation, lifted Jasmine into his arms and carried her up the stairs
into the master bedroom. He set her down and then closed the door.

Aladdin came to her and with slow precision, his mouth took her’s in a
devouring, passionate kiss that swept away all her inhibitions. Responding
with the fullness of a woman, Jasmine slipped her arms around his neck and
hugged him nearer. They were separated only by the thinness of their clothes,
Aladdin began to move restlessly against her welcoming softness. The firmness
of her breasts wreaked havoc on his already inflamed senses, and his desire
was stretched to the limits and she moaned low in her throat. Tenderly, he
drew away and with gentle fingers he slid her top down, revealing the swells
of her breasts. "You’re so lovely," he said almost reverently as he traced
an erotic pattern on the exposed flesh. Desire coursed through her at his
delib erately teasing touch and she moved closer to him, wanting more.

Aladdin closed his fingers over her rounded, soft breasts. Jasmine groaned as
she felt his callused palm cup her sensitive flesh. The erotic sound shocked
her; knowing that it had come from her own throat shocked her more. The play
of his war m, knowing hands as he massaged the softness of her breasts lit
fires of need within her, and when he bent to suckle at her nipples, she
gasped at the sensations he aroused. Her breath stopped as his hot, moist
breath scorched her flesh. Her eyes closed helplessly; her head thrashed from
side to side in tortured longing. She wanted him with a fierceness that
shocked her…

Aladdin drew Jasmine down to the soft cushions that made up their bed with
him. Slipping her top from her slim shoulders he tossed it carelessly aside
and gathered her into his arms. The fire that had been smoldering inside him
burst into flame as he moved over her and his mouth found hers in a breath
stealing exchange. At the thrust of his hard thighs against her pliant flesh,
Jasmine surged upwards wanting-no needing more and she writhed feverishly
beneath him. "Easy love," Aladdin mum mer softly as he lowered his head to
her breast and pressed heated kisses to the taut brown nipples. Starbursts
of passion soared through her as he teased each one in turn, and she held
his head to her, savoring the joy of his caress.

Jasmine could feel that hard strength of him pressed to her thigh, and with
a tentative hand she reached out to touch him, wanting to give him the same
pleasure he was giving her. Slowly, cautiously, her fingers explored that
most intimate part of him. Aladdin pressed his hand over hers and rotated
his hips against her. Jasmine’s fingers measured the width and length and
strength of him, alternately squeezing and stroking until he gasped and
reached down and pulled it away from him, hold ing it tightly for an instant
before lifting it to his mouth and pressing a heated kiss to her knuckles.

"Much more of that and you’ll unman me," he groaned. He kissed her gently.
"I want you Jasmine. More than I’ve wanted any other woman." His sweet
confession made her sprits soar! He wanted her and he had called her a
woman. "I want you too," she spoke the words for the first time hesitantly.

Her sweet confession was all the encouragement he needed. Moving quickly, he
stripped off his own clothes and then turned back to her. With patient hands,
he unfastened her bottom and panties and, with help from Jasmine, slid it
from her body.

"You’re perfect," he whispered.

His eyes taking in her silken breasts, her smooth stomach, and the slender
length of her legs. While Jasmine watched him in wide-eyed anticipation, he
slowly bent to kiss her. At the touch of his lips on hers, she sighed in
total abandon an d looped her arms around his neck, pulling him down. The
touch of his chest felt wonderful against her bare breasts, and she rubbed
sinuously against him.

When his hand sought the satin smoothness of her bare stomach his lips
claimed her again and his hand dipped even lower. Jasmine arched in
passionate response as he explored the tight center of her womanhood,
and when he began skillful caress es, creating within her body sensations
that caused her to writhed in ecstasy. His magical, stimulating touch
brought her to a peak again and again until she was begging to be released
from his sensual torment.

"Aladdin," she panted, her eyes glazed with passion. "Please-I-need-"

Aladdin knew that she was ready for him but he fought against taking her just
yet. She was an innocent, a virgin and he wanted to teach her about the ways
of love.

With gentle pressure, he increased the tempo of his stroking as he captured
her lips in a quick, devastating kiss.

"Now my sweet. I’ll please you now."

Trailing kisses down her throat, he paused briefly to savor the pulse
beating wildly there and then moved lower to continue his erotic foray at
the tempting mounds of her breasts. She felt a shaft of liquid fire shoot
along her veins as he su ckled her quivering nipples, and whimpered when at
last his mouth left her breasts to forge a moist trail across her flat belly
to the curling triangle of hair below. He pressed a hard, hot kiss to the
soft mound; Jasmine felt the shock clear down to her toes. Her eyes fluttered
open. They widened at seeing his head nestling cozily between her slender,
parted thighs.

"Aladdin, no!" she protested raggedly as he pressed torrid kisses to the
dampened heat of her. Her fingers tugged sharply on his hair. "Aladdin!"

He lifted his head at the frantic plea in her voice. Unable to help herself,
she moved her hips in silent protest at the cessation of the fiery torment
of his lips on the most secret, shameful part of her. At her involuntary
movement his eyes narrowed with passion. His breath caught in a harsh sigh.

"You taste so good-like honey and spice," he muttered gutturally as he placed
his head back between her thighs.

"Oh yes! Yes," Jasmine cried.

Grasping his head, she clung to him as his lips and tongue worked their
wonders on her willing flesh. The feelings he aroused were spiraling out of
control, and she bucked so wildly that Aladdin had to hold her hips down so
that he could cont inue to pleasure her.

Jasmine sought and found the ultimate pleasure in a burst of rainbow glory
that left her weak and satisfied. Eyes closed, she rested and savored the
beauty of the joy he had just given her. Aladdin knew he’d satisfied her,
but now wanted to i ntroduce her to real love.

His lips again claimed her’s in a fierce, savage possession. Jasmine gasped
and shuddered into his mouth. She could taste herself on his lips; the notion
both shocked and excited her unbearably. His hand went back down and started
to stroke the center of her passion again as his lips reclaimed her breasts.

Aladdin began to caress her again, this time with more daring. She had
thought the passion within her had been satisfied, but his bold aggressive
touch awoke more exciting feelings. Reveling in his lovemaking, she gave
herself up to him with out question, parting her legs for his questing
caresses. Raking her hands through his hair, she pulled him to her, but
this time she was the aggressor as she kissed him provocatively, breaking
his determination to go slowly with her. As she eagerly came to him,
Aladdin could no longer hold back.

Moving over her, he covered her body in that most intimate of positions.
Jasmine could feel that hardness of his manhood probing at her sensitive
flesh and she wriggled invitingly beneath him. She was feverish with
desire for him and she want ed to know the fullness of his love.

Boldly Jasmine reached out to touch him. She was velvet and fire, and Aladdin
was lost when she reached out to guide him to her. Slipping his hands beneath
her buttocks, he lifted her hips and pressed his entry, moving easily so as
not to fri ghten her. Jasmine gasped at the pain of accepting him and though
she wanted to please him, she couldn’t help but tense against the alien

Aladdin groaned his intense pleasure as he slid deeply within her tight,
silken sheath, but he soon realized that she was not sharing his ecstasy.

"Jasmine-I’m sorry if I hurt you."

Aladdin pressed heated kisses against her throat, hoping to rekindle the
desire she’d been experiencing before he’d entered her.

"Try to relax, it’ll get better, I promise," he said soothingly, caressing
her gently.

He was aching to take her, but he knew he had to wait until she was ready
or risk destroying the joy between them for all time. With great effort, he
held himself in check and continued to stroke her with tender but provocative

"I’ll be fine," she said throatly, making an effort to physically relax.
"It’s just all so new to me and you’re so big."

Jasmine blushed as she realized what she’d just blurted out. Aladdin chuckled
at her naive observation.

"Thank you," and he bent to kiss her softly.

"I hope I please you."

"You do, you do."

She hugged her arms about his neck and passionately lifted her lips to his.
Rotating her hips experimentally, she was surprised to find that the
discomfort had passed and was replaced by a tingling sense of fullness. Her
small movement was al l the invitation that Aladdin needed and, at last, he
gave his passion full reign.

"Move with me sweet," he said and pacing himself, he trust into her, delving
into the molten silken core of her womanly depths.

Offering him the very essence of her love, Jasmine met him tentatively at
first and then eagerly as his driving hips branded her as his own for all
time. Her hips undulated in the age-old, instinctive rhythm that made him
gasp, moving faster and faster.

To Jasmine’s surprise, she felt a stirring of desire again and she matched
his rhythm, intent on returning the pleasure he had given her and wanting
the fire of ecstasy he had given her before.

The sensation of her body swallowing him only to free him and swallow him
again was exquisite. She clutched him tighter, calling his name. His ridged
self-control dissolved as her body responded to him, welcoming his deep
thrusts. Jasmine car essed his back and slipped her hands lower to explore
his lean buttocks and hard, driving hips.

Her own excitement grew frenzied and she writhed beneath him, wanting and
needing more. She wrapped he legs around him, holding him more closely, and
moving with him as one. when his hands moved under her buttocks to lift her
so she could acc ept him more deeply, she gasped at the sensation he aroused.

Again her body was engulfed in ecstasy as the waves of intense pleasure
washed over her, and she clasped him to her, clinging to his strength and
worshipping his body with hers. Knowing he’d pleased her again, Aladdin gave
himself up to overw helming passion that possessed him. With final frantic
thrusts, he emptied himself with in her. Embedded inside her, he rested.

They lay unmoving, catching their breaths. After a while Aladdin rolled to
his side and Jasmine curled against his moist body. His arm encircled her and
drew her close. When his labored breathing slowed and eventually returned to
normal, he moved to press a kiss on her damp forehead. His fingers lazily
stroked her back and arm and she cuddled against him. They lay thus for a
lengthy time.

Later, he began to press light kisses on her hair, his fingers trailing up
and down her spine. They were utterly relaxed; yet their desires were growing
anew. Aladdin’s hands gently cupped Jasmine’s firm buttocks and pulled her
hips snugly ag ainst his. One hand drifted up her side to capture and
tantalize her breasts, running a finger round and round them. Then her rolled
her to her back, replacing his hand with his lips.

Jasmine closed her eyes and savored the stimulation of her unbridled senses.
He stirred and tempted her until she reached down for his head and drew his
mouth to hers. Ravenously she meshed her lips to his. Her hands roved his
body from head to thigh and, when one hand captured his rigid manhood, she
stroked its warm, smooth surface. Aladdin groaned and twisted his hips to
give her more freedom to pleasure him.

His mouth greedily sought the points on her breasts, encompassing and
stimulating each one in turn. As if he wanted to sample every inch of her
delectable body, his exploring tongue roamed the willing territory that his
hands traveled. His mo uth roamed her silky skin until it glistened with his
loving moisture. Every so often his lips would find a special place, causing
her to writhe and moan in exquisite pleasure. He would linger there until
she pleaded for mercy.

To give such rapture was intoxicating. It inspired a heady feeling of power
in him. Suddenly she joined his tempting game. Hundreds of tiny kisses
flickered over his body, stirring his senses to a higher levels of arousal.
His respiration became labored and uneven. Though passion glazed eyes Aladdin
watched Jasmine ecstatically torment his throbbing shaft. The tension mounted
until he squirmed on the bed. Undeniably, her hands and lips were as skilled
at giving pleasure as his!

He pushed her to her back and lifted her legs. Gluing his ravenous attention
to an enticing sight that threaten to steal his control, he delivered several
more kisses to her inner thighs, then locked his lips to the quivering peak
that pleaded for relief. Then he reached out with his tongue, making it into
a point, darted and darted it again at the tiny organ. Sometimes sucking it
with his mouth, sometimes just licking it with a light, flicking touch taking
long loving tastes.

"Please," she whimpered in great need to end sweet agony he was causing her.

Finding her ready to accept him, he laid atop her, and gently slid his hard
maleness into her receptive body, creating a sensation of bliss which almost
erupted into a blazing, all-consuming fire.

Jasmine’s body arched upward, taking his entire length. As he moved with care
and experience, she matched her rhythm to his.

Each time he entered, Jasmine’s womanhood locked around him, almost refusing
to release him for another blissful plunge. Pressing his weight to her
breast, Aladdin fused his mouth to hers, he pounded his groin against hers.
He worked swiftly and deliberately, guiding her over the point of no return,
then quickly followed. Their spasms blended together as each reveled in the
staggering explosion of passion.

The world receded for a time as Aladdin and Jasmine came together to blend
bodies and spirits as ecstasy assailed and consumed them. Their bodies
blended time and time again until every blissful spasm ceased and they were
enveloped in the war mth of contentment and sated senses.

Aladdin’s lips brushed over Jasmine’s mouth several times. He kissed the tip
of her nose and each closed eye. He trailed kisses over her cheeks and brows.
He whispered words of love and satisfaction into her ears. They lay entwined
on the bed , silently and lovingly holding each other, savoring their
triumphant joining…

They kissed and embraced tenderly as slumber claimed their exhausted bodies.

At the first blush of morning light, Aladdin came awake. He smiled at the
sight of Jasmine sleeping so peacefully next to him. He had never known
that the art of lovemaking could be so completely and totally satisfying.
The night he had just passed with Jasmine had been more exciting and more
beautiful than anything he’d ever experienced before. Now, as he watched
her sleep, he remembered the feel of her bucking, silken hips beneath him,
and his body roused, ready to once again to taste her loving delights.

Delicious sensations coursed over Jasmine’s flesh; excitement throbbed deep
inside her belly. A warm suckling tugged on her breasts, and she moaned
softly, moving restlessly in response to the growing turmoil within. The
heat of strong hands smoothed over her satiny skin until every part of her
body quivered with arousal. Instinctively she parted her thighs, seeking
the rapturous joining that would release her from this torment.

A drowsy awareness told her that this was no dream. Her arms were wrapped
around a male form, her fingers identifying each familiar contour of his
body. A rush of emotion flooded her. Mindless with need, Jasmine lifted her
hips to him, catchi ng her breath as his rigid heat plunged into her liquid
depths. The magic of the moment swept her into a world of pure sensation,
the feelings swirling and soaring inside her until they shattered into
dazzling ecstasy.

Two figures lay entwined on a field of soft cushions in the soft light of
early morning. Aladdin and Jasmine touched each other softly and whispered
endearments to one another.

"You are so lovely," Aladdin said, drawing back to stare down at her.

With a single finger, he traced teasing patterns over her nipples where his
kisses had left her skin damp, and she moaned low in her throat at his play.

"Aladdin, please, love me," Jasmine begged, wanting to feel his welcoming
weight upon her.

Aladdin gave a low answering chuckle and pulled her fully against him.
Jasmine moved restlessly as his every arousing touch drove her closer and
closer to the edge of bliss.

Rolling Jasmine on her back, Aladdin trailed passionate kisses along her
throat and then dipped lower to claim her breasts. Drawing each throbbing
peak into his mouth in turn and suckling gently until she cried out in
pleasure. Tossing feveri shly beneath him, Jasmine wrapped her legs around
his hips, straining ever nearer as his mouth continued its play and she
arched to him in uncontrollable ecstasy when he moved lower to explore her

Her climax was shattering, pulsing through her in waves of rapture that left
her pliant to his will. Aladdin didn’t want her to be a mere recipient of
his passion; he wanted Jasmine to share his excitement. Fitting himself to
her intimately, he rubbed his hips sensuously against hers, wanting her to
feel the passion in him.


She opened her eyes and gazed up at him with open adoration.

"Love me, Jasmine," he murmured thickly and kissed her again.

A contentment had stolen over Jasmine, yet at the insistent feel of his
arousal pressed to her, something elemental and wanton stirred to life within
her. She wanted to satisfy him as perfectly as he had pleased her. Jasmine
reached down to c aress him with knowing hands and then urged him over onto
his back. She explored him hungrily with greedy kisses, searching and finding
his most erotic zones and teasing him to the peak again and again without the
completion his body craved.

Moving lower, her lips sought the hardness of his desire and she took it into
her warm, wet mouth. She suckled on it as he had to her nipples.

Jasmine only had just begun when Aladdin suddenly grabbed her by the
shoulders and pulled her up to him.

"I only wanted to please you," she told him sensuously. "Didn’t you like it?"

With guttural growl, he kissed her fiercely, and Jasmine once again reached
down for him, guiding him to her hungry flesh. Raising her hips she slid the
magnificent length of him, enveloping his heat and hardness in one smooth
stroke. At the feeling of him deep inside of her, Jasmine lost all semblance
of restraint.

"Aladdin!" she cried out as her body climaxed convulsively.

At the feel of her unbridled passions, he began to move, thrusting forcefully
into her as she pulsed around him, her muscles contracting in rhythm with his
possession. As her first peak subsided, Aladdin rolled her to her back with
out leaving her and again drove forcefully into her softness. Jasmine reveled
in his taking of command and wrapping her limbs around him, she held him
close as he thrust against her.

The erotic rhythm of his thrusts drove all conscious thought from her mind.
Jasmine abandoned herself to the purity of pleasure, clinging deliriously to
him. Her body seemed to glow with an intense heat. Eyes closed, she heard the
rasp of her husband’s breath, felt the heavy thud of his heartbeat against
her breasts. The need pulsed inside her gathered force until it encompassed
every part of her. And when the white-hot explosion came, Jasmine cried out
its cleansing release. At some dim level of awareness, she felt the shudder
of Aladdin’s body as he emptied his seed inside her.

Clasped together, they drifted in the ebbing ripples of spent passion.
Jasmine was drowsily concious of a mellow peace that she felt. Her face was
buried in the moist scent of his neck and she felt the heaviness of him atop

Her lashes lifted and she looked up to see him studying her tenderly. Aladdin
raised a hand to her cheek, caressing her with infinite gentleness before
trailing his fingertips downward, tracing first the fragility of her jaw and
then the silk en contour of her shoulder.

"This is heaven," he murmured, "and I’d love to stay here forever…kissing
you…touching you. You’re gorgeous, you know," he told her seriously.

"Thank you." Jasmine moved languidly under his assessing gaze. Cupping a
breast, he ran his thumb over the peak until it hardened. Smiling at his
accomplishment, he bent to place a soft kiss on the tender nub.

"And so sensuous…"

Jasmine squirmed as his lips demanded and got a renewed response from her
sated body.

"Do you like this?" Aladdin murmured as he bit softly at the silken,
brown-tipped mound. "Oh, yes," she gasped as his manipulations both shocked
and stimulated her. "And this?"

Jasmine moaned in exquisite agony as Aladdin showed her new ways he could
arouse her. When his body began to throb with the need to take her again, he
forced himself to draw away, even though he knew she was alive with desire
for him. "Enough," he smiled, his eyes alight with the knowledge that she
was such an apt pupil at learning the art of love.

"Enough?" Jasmine was breathless from the sudden wildfire he had created
within her and amazed that her need for him was becoming more powerful after
each such encounter.

"Don’t you remember that we promised to have breakfast with your father? We
had better getting going before he comes to look for us," Aladdin teased,
unable to resist kissing her once more.

"You mean we can’t stay here like this forever?"

"Oh, how I wish." He stood and turned to help her. When they both were on
their feet he cupped his hands under her buttocks and pressed her hard
against him. "If only we had a some more time…"

"Let’s make time," she suggested.

Knowing that she could never get enough of him…knowing that, no matter what
he said, his body was ready for her, Jasmine rubbed sinuously against him.

"Jasmine," he began to protest, but she silenced him with a kiss.

And Aladdin was lost. Bracing himself against a wall, he lifted her legs
about his waist and positioned her to accept him. Jasmine was thrilled that
she’d managed to distract him from his purpose, and she gave a throaty,
victorious laugh as s he thrust forward, enveloping the hard, pulsing length
of him.

No longer caring about the time or place, they mated in ecstasy, their kisses
fiery exchanges that left them enthralled. They climaxed together, holding
tightly to each other, as the whirlpool of their love swirled them away to
forgetfulness and back.

With a groan that had nothing to do with passion, Aladdin half-fell, half-sat
onto a chair.

"I don’t think I was ever that fast before in my entire life…I feel so
weak, I may never walk again," he told her humorously as he held her, still
inside her, on his lap.

Jasmine’s eyes were aglow with her love for him. "I’m not worried about you
walking…" She let the sentence hang for a moment, before laughing lightly
at Aladdin’s amazement.

"You’re insatiable," he accused happily.

"Aren’t you glad?" she returned, enjoying the feeling of being held on his
lap while she was still a part of his body.

He answered her with a tender kiss that told her all she needed to know.

"I guess we do have to get up, don’t we?’

"Now, I’m the one who doesn’t want to move again…"

"Come on, Aladdin. I’m sure you don’t want to keep my father waiting," she
said as she slowly got up from his lap. "I’m going to take a bath." With
that, Jasmine went into a room off the bedroom.

Aladdin followed her into the room and found a circular pool set into the
floor. Warm water flowed the wall and into the pool.

Jasmine steeped down into the pool, delighted to find it only waist deep.
She didn’t wash her hair, as it would take too long to dry, but she scrubbed
her body from face to toes.

Aladdin observed her and his body alerted him to his rising desire.

She smiled dreamily as she labored. When her eyes landed on him, they
reflected her own desire. He hunkered down beside the pool and watched her
as overwhelming passion cours ed through them both.

He joined Jasmine in the pool and took the piece of soap from her hand and
began to slowly and enticingly bathe her. Jasmine did the same for him. His
lathered hands slipped over her breasts, kneading the nipples between his
thumb and forefin ger. Her hands moved with slippery pleasure over his chest
and shoulders. His head bent forward as his probing tongue touched hers;
they savored the taste of each other.

Aladdin’s squeezed the pleading mounds and sweetly tormented the thrusting
peaks. His hands slid around her back and grasped her buttocks. As he fondled
them, he pressed her snugly against his hardness. Aladdin caught Jasmine’s
shoulders and pulled them beneath the surface to rinse away the soap. After
he raised her upper torso above the water’s surface, his tongue circled her
nipple and inflamed her senses.

Aladdin’s hand’s teased down her sides, over her hips and parted to go in
separate directions. One hand caressed her buttocks as the other moved
between her thighs to gently stroke the straining peak there.

He could feel the tension and throbbing within that pleasure point. As he
lavished warm moisture and delight on her nipples, his finger entered the
softness of her womanhood. He moved expertly until her head thrashed wildly
with mounting desire.

Jasmine’s hands roved the smooth body before her. They played over the
muscles across his chest and lining his shoulders. They roamed over and
around his slim, flat stomach. Her fingertips playfully grazed his hips,
then wandered to examine h is firm buttocks. His actions were stealing
her senses and control. Her hands shifted to weave through his groin
area. She caressed the two round knobs beneath his blood engorged shaft.
Her hands ran up and down its length. It was so smooth and firm, so full
of skill and need.

Aladdin was starving for her. He lifted her and sat her on the edge of the
pool. Their eyes met; she comprehended his sensual intention. She smiled
and tingled with anticipation. He pushed her down onto the carpeted floor.
Jasmine inhaled dee ply to control the building suspense and her eagerness.
She closed her eyes and allowed him free rein over her body and senses.

Aladdin’s gaze locked on her womanhood, its appeal calling out to him. He
visually explored her most private area. His hand reached out to gently
stimulate the tiny mound. He smiled when she trembled at his stirring touch.
A finger eased with in her secret recess to find it moist and eager. Heady
power and pleasure surged through him.

His other hand wandered up and down her silky thighs. He was fascinated by
the beauty of his stimulation. He passed his tongue over his lips, and his
manhood pulsed in response. His finger moved upward to make blissful contact
her lower peak, and he carefully massaged it until her hips undulated and
she moaned unceasingly. His head bent forward and his tongue replaced his
finger. He teased the extremely sensitive peak with his teeth, giving her
exquisite pleasure.

Jasmine groaned and her head thrashed against the carpet. Tension built
within her. She wanted to relax, but couldn’t. Her stomach muscles tightened
in almost painful anticipation. Her peak throbbed and pulsed as Aladdin
continued his erotic attack on her mindless senses.

Aladdin’s tongue flicked and circled, sometimes slowly, sometime swiftly. His
finger slipped within her body. Together it worked with his tongue to bring
her to the point of torturously sweet rapture. She cried out his name and
arched her hip s upward as the spasms rocked her body. Aladdin increased his
endeavors to give her supreme pleasure. As soon as she settled, he climbed
out of the water and hovered over her. Then he captured her lips and entered
her slippery haven.

His self-control was sorely tested. He was surprised when she rapidly
responded to him, as if insatiable. He thrust gingerly until she arched and
matched his pattern. Aladdin didn’t have to labor hard or long. He sensed
her urgency and increa sed his pace.

His mouth went from nipple to nipple as he drove into her body and retreated
rhythmically. Another explosion of rapture assailed Jasmine. She clung to her
love tightly and fiercely. Aladdin cast aside any control he had left and
emptied himse lf into her.

"I love you Aladdin," she sighed, her body aching from his hungry claiming.

"You’re perfect, my love," he whispered. "I’ll never stop wanting you…"

They both enjoyed the feeling of their bodies touching each other and the
feel of the beating of their hearts slow from the frenzy that they had

"Aladdin?" Her voice was a soft purr as her hands caressed his chest.

"Yes?" The mood was so tranquil that he didn’t want to even think about
breaking it.

"We have to go," Jasmine told him regretfully.

"I know, my love," he said sympathetically. "How I wish we could stay like
this forever."

They both reluctantly stood up and quickly dried each other off. Aladdin
watched as Jasmine moved about the bedroom retrieving her discarded clothes.
He drew a deep breath and tried to focus his attention on something besides
the view she was presenting him everytime she bent over to get an article of
clothing. He quickly put on his clothes before he let the temptations she
was innocently offering excite him again.

"How long do we have to stay at this breakfast?" Jasmine asked as she
smoothed out a few wrinkles in her clothes.

"I don’t care what you father expects, but I want to be their for only an
hour and then we will have the rest of the day for each other," Aladdin
closed by giving Jasmine a gentle kiss.[/size:okv1ad48]

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