Padosan ki Chudai


[size=150:2aju6tgb][img:2aju6tgb][/img:2aju6tgb]Neetu and I had been married for ten years, and for those years I had always been faithful to her. Our life together was good though a bit ordinary. Neetu and I both worked, and at night we had little energy to devote to each other. Our love life, what there was of it, was very predictable. Sometimes it seemed as though masturbation was easier and felt just as good. Neetu worked hard to keep in shape, though she had put on about twenty pounds since our wedding. I tried to keep in shape running every chance I got, but I know I wasn’t in the same shape I was then either. Not that I complained, I was happy, or I thought I was. And then came Pallavi. Our next door neighbors had recently moved and sold the house to a middle aged couple, Shikha and Sooraj. It wasn’t until they moved in that I discovered their twenty-five year old daughter, Pallavi. I’ll never forget the day I first met Pallavi. It was the middle of summer right after they had moved in. Sooraj had asked me over to help repair the shower plumbing in the bathroom connected to Pallavi’s room. We had disgaand embled the faucet and needed a larger pipe wrench to continue the job, and Sooraj had gone to rummage through his yet unpacked boxes of tools to find one. The bathroom had two doors, one into the bedroom and the other out to the hall. As I sat waiting for Sooraj to return the door to Pallavi’s room opened. [img:2aju6tgb][/img:2aju6tgb]I turned to see a startled Pallavi, apparently just waking up, standing in the doorway in a red teddy. I could easily see Pallavi’s huge choochiyaan through the translucent material, and she obviously was not wearing any panties. Pallavi was not embarrassed and made no attempt to cover herself, rather she dropped her arms to her sides and smiled as she leaned against the door. “What a pleasant surprise. It’s not every morning I wake up to find such a sexy man in my bathroom.”I felt like I was glowing red with embargaandment. I stammered an apology, and told Pallavi that her father and I were fixing the plumbing in the shower. “You’re the neighbor next door, aren’t you?” Pallavi asked, walking into the bathroom. “Er, yes,” I stammered. Her nipples were growing longer, poking out from behind the teddy, and try as I might I couldn’t keep my eyes from sweeping up and down her blonde haired, blue eyed virtually naked body. Well if you ever need any help with your plumbing give me a call,” she said, staring down at my crotch. “I’m really good at cleaning pipes.” She looked up into my eyes, smiled, and disappeared back into her bedroom. I took my first breath in what seemed like hours, and became aware of my mouth hanging open and my dick being rock hard in my pants. That night I couldn’t wait to get Neetu into bed and fuck her silly. She asked me what had gotten into me, but I didn’t dare tell her that it was thinking about Pallavi that was turning me on so much. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I kept on finding myself suddenly thinking about Pallavi, Her sizable choochiyaan and the blonde triangle between her legs, those long erect nipples and her large blue eyes. The moment Pallavi came into my mind my lund would get hard. Having never had any kind of desire for any other woman but my wife, these feelings were new to me. I felt guilty, but I couldn’t stop daydreaming about meeting Pallavi again and what might happen, even though I knew I would probably chicken out if anything did start to happened. Neetu didn’t know anything except that I wanted to have sex every night, and that she was enjoying it immensely. We sleep with the windows open, and with the way she was moaning and crying out every night I was grateful that there is quite a distance between the houses in our neighborhood. I didn’t see Pallavi again for about two weeks. I wanted to cum so bad, but my mind was filled with Pallavi. I got dressed and waited for Neetu to get home. Every so often I played with my lund until it got hard and I was on the verge of coming, and then I stopped. Finally Neetu came home. It was with much difficulty that I helped prepare dinner, and then sat and watched television with her, waiting for the time we could go to bed. When it was finally time, Neetu went over to turn the television off. I came up behind her and pressed my erection into her gaand, reaching in front to fondle her choochiyaan, imagining in my mind that they were hard and firm like Pallavi’s. Neetu moaned, and reached back to kiss me. We moved into the bedroom and I fucked her harder and longer than I had ever done, all the while I was imagining that it was Pallavi who was in bed with me. Neetu cried out again and again that she was coming. Then, I felt it. My orgasm beginning at my toes and building straight up through me. I started whispering, then saying, then shouting that “I am cumming!” I heard a faint gasp from outside the window, and I knew Pallavi was coming too. Spasm after spasm rocked my body as what felt like a quart of sperm erupted from my balls. Neetu pgaanded out dead away on the bed as I pulled my spent lund out of her sopping wet choot, cum running down her thighs and pooling on the bed. At five of twelve I was in the parking lot, and the van was already there looking empty. I went up to the door and knocked, and the side door was opened by Pallavi. A big waft of marijuana smoke rolled out of the door, and I could see both she and Nisha were naked inside. I stepped in and Pallavi shut and locked the door. No one said a word. Both girls started removing my clothes, taking off my jacket, shoes, socks, tie, belt, shirt and undershirt. Pallavi undid my pants while Nisha handed me a lit joint. I hadn’t smoke for a number of years, but I took a hit anyway. My pants landed around my ankles and I kicked them away. Both girls began to caress my lund, balls and gaand with their hands. My lund was aready hard and my underwear was getting damp. Nisha got on her knees first and began sucking the head of my lund through the fabric of my underwear. Pallavi kissed me deep on the mouth while Nisha pulled down my underpants and slipped my lund into her mouth, causing me to moan loudly into Pallavi’s mouth. Pallavi began to mimick Nisha’s movement, sucking on my tongue like, Nisha was sucking on my lund. I ran my hands down Pallavi’s body, but she grabbed my hands and put them at my sides. I looked down to see Nisha pumping my lund with her hand as she slipped it in and out of her mouth. Pallavi’s hand reached down and squeezed my balls, and she look me in the eye and said “Cum now, Mastraamrey.” I exploded into Nishas face, pumping my hot jism again, and again, and again, until it was flowing down her chin and onto her choochiyaan. Pallavi kissed me
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hard, and told me to lay down on the floor of the van. She then straddled my face, placing her choot down over my mouth. I reached out with my tongue and began to trace her choot lips with the tip. I could feel Nisha working again on my lund, trying to bring it back to life with her mouth and hands. My lund got hard again, but not because of Nisha, because of the smell and taste of Pallavi’s cunt against my mouth and nose. I sucked and licked and bit like I never had before. Neetu does not like me to perform oral sex, she thinks it’s disgusting. Pallavi started pressing her choot into my face, moaning louder and louder, making my lund harder and harder. Nisha ran her tongue around and around my lund, and I ran mine around and around Pallavi’s choot. Nisha slid my lund in and [img:2aju6tgb][/img:2aju6tgb]
out of her mouth, and I slipped my tongue in and out of Pallavi’s choot. I started sucking on Pallavi’s clitourous, send shock wave up and down her legs. “oh god, yes. I’m cumming Mastraam…you’re making me cum!” I felt Nisha pull her mouth off of me, and the next thing I knew she was on top of me, rubbing her choot lips again my
hard lund. I wasn’t ready for this. I didn’t think I was going to get fucked. I wanted to say no, to say that I should put on a condom. But then I slipped inside, into Nisha’s hot, tight choot, and my mind was overwelmed with the sensation. I tried to keep eating out Pallavi, but all I could do was lay back and enjoy. Nisha started riding up and down harder and harder, and Pallavi got off to sit back and watch. Nisha’s mouth came down onto of me, her tongue snaking into my mouth, while my hands grabbed her gaand and pressed my lund deeping into her. Pallavi leaned in and Nishad kissed her, then Pallavi kissed me, deep and hard. She leaned down to my ear and asked if it felt better than Neetu. It did, and I had to admit it. “I’m going to feel even better,” Pallavi whispered, tonguing my ear as she did. My orgasm was building up inside of me again, and I warned Nisha that I was going to cum. Cum inside of me, Mastraam.” Oh no you don’t.” Pallavi pushed her off of my, grabbing my lund and pumping me hard until I came all over my stomach. “You got him in your mouth, I get him in my cunt.[/size:2aju6tgb]

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