Fucked a 32 year house wife in Vizag


[size=150:3syypqkf]This is a real incident happened for me in vizag. Basically i am from Chennai. I am 24 Years old and height above 6.3 Feet. Average body. I went to vizag for a business purpose and i went o a office. I saw the receptionist who is a bengali. She looks very good and busty. HEr height is around 5.9 and her size i cant judge exactly. but really she is marvolous. On the first sight itself i like to fuck her.

She spoke very well with me and i was waiting in front of her. The the company Md called me so i went in. After the discussion i came out and asked for a glass of water to that receptionist and she went to the cafeteria and broguth one glass of water. Still i was thirsty and i asked for one more she asked me to come with her to the cafeteria so went with her. Once i reached the caferteria she asked me are you "Meeru chennailo ninchi vachara" are you coming from chennai. I replied yes and then she asked me can you do a favour for me, i asked what is that and she told that she have a mobile which is not charging and she ask me to find a baterry for that. I have taken the model of that mobile and that is a china mobile. after that i have taken her mobile number and then i said that i will give you a call if i find the baterry for that. Then she have taken my number and i got a call from her at 7 o clock in the evening and i need to move at 9 o clock in the night and she asked me when is your train. i said its around 9o clock. Then she told that you look so smart and so handsome. I replied is it thanku. She said can we meet once more. I said i need to move so i think we cant meet and she replied that her house is near the reailway station and you can catch the train in time. I said ok and got a auto and went to her house. Once i reached there i came to know that no one is there. And she welcome to her house and once i reached she offered me a glass of milk. I asked where is your hubby. Then she said that her hubby is in Hydrabad and he is working in a flim city. She use to stay alone in her house and sunday her husband use to come it seems. And then its was time to move for me. She asked me y cant you go by tomorrow morning train it will leave her at 6 AM. I said ok with some hesitation and i said that i have already vacated the room in the hotel. She told no problem you can stay in my house. I said ok and she offered me a towel to use and i went to bathroom and freshed up. I have a mild doubt wether this lady will take any belongings from my bag. But nothing happened like that. And once i came back from the bathroom i saw her in teh bed and she looks gerogues and she asked me to sleep in the bed i said its ok i will sleep in the hall. But she did not accepted and compeled me to sleep in the bed and then i slept with her in the bed. We were chatting for 30 mins, then i put my hand over her and she said what are you doing. I said nothing i like to sleep like this and asked her do u like me. She said that she got married and i dont think to have any such relation. I said it s ok and kept calm. After some time she asked me y u think like that. I said that you look so sexy and i like to fuck you and if you are in chennai i will really have a very good relationship with you and we can have sex every weekdays.
She was shocked but she was not she was acting and i asked directely see if you are interested let me know we will have sex. beacause we are running out of time. then she accepted and said you should not insert your pennis in my pussy isaid ok and removed the dress and she was very sexy. Shaven pussy asked me to lick it i directely to her pussy and sucked and licked it. It tasted more than anyting
and then she said no after some time. I gone throug the top positipn and pinched her breast and kissed here. After some time i got a voice from her telling that i cant wait please rock my pussy. once i heard that i removed my underwear and inserted mine into here and it was paining for me to insert then it went inside and i kept silent. She told as "thengai ra" fuck me please. Thne started riding. She was enjoying and told me you have a very long and thick pennies really your wife is going to enjoy like anything else. I was not answerable after some time i got released and then i slept. After some time she asked me that she wants the serum in her mouth then i shaned my pennies and i fulfilled her wish.. She was very happy and we have chat through phone and we use to have phone sex….

If any one interested to have scerect sex in chennai you can maill me across i will be able to satisfy you and even i can get satisfy.[/size:3syypqkf]

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