Cheating Husband Sperm Spots on Bed – Thrilling Sex Story


[size=150:1bi1oyzz]Cheating Husband Sperm Spots on Bed – Thrilling Sex Story

If a woman suspects her husband of cheating on her, she better hire a pro detective but then, how can she help not getting on with him?

The girl entered Mr. Dan’s office. She was wearing an elegant suit as if she was on her way from a classical music concert. She really was. Mr. Dan recognized her. She was the leading cellist of the city symphony orchestra.

-What can I do for you miss… – He said, not daring to announce such a well known name.

-Call me Michael. I don’t wanna pronounce my family name as I share it with my husband, and…


-This bastard is cheating on me! I want you to get evidence of it.

It was classic! Once Dan thought it was a real adventure to be a detective. But he hadn’t even caught a thief for his entire life! Unfaithful husbands and wives that’s what his cases were about.

The only good thing about the new investigation was that his client was extremely beautiful. One could hardly believe that such a young lady could be a famous musician. She seemed to be about 30. Her black hair looked even darker against her angel like white face. Her eyes were very beautiful. And her lips seemed to be longing for a kiss. Michael was definitely his type of girl.

-Tell me about it. – Dan said mildly. – When did it happen? How did you know about it?

-I noticed sperm spots on our bed sheets. He was cheating on me in our bed while I was working.

Dan nodded sympathetically. If he were her husband he would have gone to the country, or to a hotel if he wanted to have some fun with a whore.

-Well, you seem to have evidence. What else do you want?

-I want to see it. I want him to be filmed. I want him to fuck up. I want the judge and all people to see what kind of a bastard he is.

Dan took a sheet of paper, calculating something. It was great complex work. He could earn some hundreds of bucks. Things had never been better…

-There can be some difficulties. I don’t really think he’s gonna pose for us. – Dan said finally.

-So you’re saying you won’t do it. – Michael’s eyes glittered.

-No, you shouldn’t worry about it. We have great experience in this sphere. It’s just that we should find the best places for cameras. –Dan said quickly.


Camera! Action!

There was a lot of space in Michael’s room to install candid cameras. There were small tables along the walls. There were lots of different souvenirs on them.

-Looks good. Especially if your husband doesn’t turn on bright light or starts searching every little drawer here. If not I’ll install a dozen of cameras. – Dan noted.

-Then do it.

Dan coughed.

-You know I got only two right away. But these are new models; they’re very quiet and tiny.

-But you can get more, right Mr. Dan? Don’t worry about the money I’ll pay as much as necessary.

-Do you really need so many cameras here? – Dan asked in surprise.

-I want cameras to be installed everywhere. – Michael said in excitement. – I want to see every inch of his body and every birth mark of his bitch.

-OK, you’re a boss.


Biting lips and nipples

The “bitch” had no birthmarks at all. Dan got it before she got naked. She was charmingly young. Her body was very firm, he saw it through her tight jeans and a T-shirt with some university symbol on it.

-Oh, my God! – Michael exclaimed seeing the picture. – This is one of his students. I guess her name is Brook.

-No wonder, he’s such a popular professor in college, – Dan blurted out, and regretted his words at once. He’d studied Roberto’s profile and his past when he started the investigation.

Michael didn’t react to his stupid joke. She was absorbed in watching the tape. The tape was made the day before, in the noon. It was edited by Dan personally.

-It will last a bit less than an hour, – Dan noted.

-An hour?! That’s incredible! For how long were they fucking?

-Not for long. I mean I edited several films. I took the main shots from every film and put them together. You can watch unedited films if you want.

-Maybe, but later. This one is enough.

Her voice’d changed. It became harsh. Dan was watching Michael watching Brook. The latter was exposing her boobs, Roberto came up to her and started biting her nipples.

-Oh, he’s an asshole! That’s how he starts sex with me too! – Michael pressed her heels in the carpet in Dan’s office.

-He bites your breasts and you like it?

-He likes it. I like when he kisses them instead. I told him thousands of times to stop biting me, but he never listened!

Seemed Brook wasn’t against the fun at all. She took her boob from his face, giving him the other one to bite as well. Michael was looking at her rival.

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