[size=150:1ioeocg0]If you have successfully paved your way to her heart, now it’s high time you create an ever lasting impression in bed as well and to that, you may be wondering how to impress a girl in bed-believe it or not, getting laid is not as easy as what is depicted in porn movies, it actually involves a lot of hard work, patience and practice.
Here are some tips on how to impress a girl in bed.
Make her comfortable and set the right atmosphere
If you want to impress a girl in bed, you need to make sure that you make her feel comfortable, both physically and mentally. If you are having sex in your own bedroom, make sure that at least you’ve taken the trouble to change your smelly bed sheets!
So far as mental comfort is concerned, you need to get her to relax first; a tensed woman will never loosen up enough to get to the point of climax and if you want her to reach the epitome of pleasure and remember how good you were in bed, then you need to make her relax
Rules to foreplay
One way of getting her to relax is to engage in passionate foreplay- Do not engage in foreplay like it’s a chore and you are doing it only because you were told you HAVE to do it-do it like you want to do it! Take the time to explore her body and compliment her while you’re making your way through her body-woman love to know that they are being appreciated.
Kissing her in her favorite places
One way of impressing girls in bed is to take the time and effort to know what really turns them on and where are those sensitive places which drive them crazy and wild. Kissing should not be limited to her lips only, explore other areas like the back of her neck, ears, face, breasts, waist and hips.
Pay attention to her reactions
Women are impressed with men who genuinely seek to satisfy them in bed and if you want to impress a girl in bed, you need to pay attention to the way she reacts to anything that you are doing-kissing, touching, sucking, licking-if she moans in pleasure take it as go sign and give her more of it but she does not react to what you are doing, maybe you should move on to something else.
Take things slowly and do not pressurize yourself or your partner
The key to great sex is to enjoy every single second that you spend in the person’s company, so irrespective of what you are doing, take your own sweet time to learn, explore and improve. If you feel you are not ready for intimacy in your relationship, it’s pointless to engage in sex since this will only leave a painful experience for both of you. Putting pressure on your partner for sex is also a wrong move-you want to impress her in bed, and not make her think of a rapist out of you!
Communication is the key element in impressing girls. If you want to impress her, you should ask her about her fantasies, things she dislikes in bed whenever you have sex, make sure to ask her what was the thing that she enjoyed the most or did not appreciate- you surely do not want to make the same mistake again.
Thirst for knowledge
No one is born an expert at impressing girls in bed; it all comes with practice, experience and through constant learning about the female body. If you want to impress a girl in bed, you should continuously search for knowledge about the ways to please your woman in bed, if you want to keep her happy in bed and begging for more, then you will definitely agree that it is worth the time and effort to learn more about the complicated splendor that is woman.
It is every man’s dream to be an expert at how to impress a girl in bed but this is a skill which can only be mastered with practice and time; so keep practicing and exploring new avenues when it comes to keeping your lady happy in bed.[/size:1ioeocg0]

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