Five sex tips for busy people


[size=150:328mjt9t]1. Sideline some time
This is one small word that forms the basis of all possible excuses around the world, primarily your sex life. It doesn’t matter whether you spend an exhausting day with little enthusiasm left for an intimate call, but sex should never be a burden, it should be your de-stressor. Be honest with yourself and set aside the time.
Who doesn’t like good sex? Why should you be a victim of all the stress generated at home because you brought back work?
Just set aside a day in consent with your partner when both of you will just let go of all the liabilities like attending calls, making dinner at home or cleaning up. Let sex be the priority. If paying electricity bills can be one, why can’t sex?
Get a take away dinner, have a nice candle light dinner together. Maybe dress up for the occasion. If not, take a shower together. Effort has to be made at every step to inculcate company that will eventually lead you to intimacy and love making. It’s no-rocket science. Simply make assign certain days to yourselves alone and abide by it. The passion will fire up soon.
2. Touch and tell
Tiny bits of body contacts that you make express emotion or trigger them. When you run your hand on her arms down to her fingers, she can feel the affection.
Hold her by the waist and kiss her neck while she is engrossed in all her cooking and cleaning. Touch drains the pressure. Snuggle around his arm while he watches the television. Direct him towards a private moment that the two of you need. He’d be following your footsteps soon.
Remember how you craved for every bit of touch as lovers? Go back in time and relieve it. Let your creative juices flow. Do what you can to trigger your partner’s desire for an all night escapade. Investing in opportunities such as these only help you revive that lost desire. And while love depends greatly on sex, the desire needs to be fueled and rekindled.
3. Spice your clothes up
Your lover will never be seduced while you look dead and worn off. Invest in some good lingerie or a sexy outfit that could allure his senses and attract that attention. While women can use their body, men can go for moves.
Let your lover know that you are a prize and not some appendage. When you look and feel sexy, your inhibitions go down and your desires take form. Visual appeal is sometimes extremely important. You need to make you lover feel special and wanted. When you try ways to attract him and seduce him into a play, it really turns them on feeling craved for.
Guys, pamper the woman the way she gets high. A bottle of wine or kisses, a nice massage or just some flirty talk while trying to get kinky with her, every idea that directs you to get into action will be welcomed. Women are very attracted by smell, try a new fragrance.
4. Trash your gadgets
Throw all gizmos and gadgets out of the bedroom. Electronic appliances keep the mind tied down and add to the stress. Make your bedroom a sex haven. Let it be a zone that celebrates you and your love. Keep the phones away or on silent mode.
When the distractions are low, positive energies flow accentuating the beauty of love making.
5. Grab a quickie
Since you are busy, you may already run low on time. So apart from setting aside planned sex-marathons, grab the chances for quickies. If you’ve always loved a mischievous opportunity to slip away from a party or a get together for that secret moment, why hesitate?
The door’s still open! There will be endless situations to keep you tied down and limitless opportunities to get away and seize the moment.
Here’s the map, and all that you need to do is trace your path and get going. The sooner you get there the longer you’ll stay. Stop imagining your relationship to be breeding on nothing and give it some food. Love can’t be expressed well if it’s not by making it. [/size:328mjt9t]

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