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[size=150:31cdgjfx][color=#400000:31cdgjfx]hai guys i am JOCKEY again. After my first story I got lo of feedback and thts reason I am publishing my oth storyr. i am 25. i completed my engineering and i planned to take coaching for GRE and TOFLE for my higher studies abroad. so for this i joined in visu in hyd.
but when i was in +15 we usde to have a very good english teacher. her name is mani. she looks damn beautiful and sexy. and if any body sees her naval then i bet they will rush to bathroom to masterbaut. she was very close to my family members.
so my father suggested me to take her help for TOEFL. she too welcomed for the help as she will be free in the afternoons. so everyday i used to go at around 2 pm to learn the grammar and the tenses. but my eyes used to search for her naval and her milkwhite boobs. her husband and her kid will come home only after 5:30 in the evening. even though she is 34 she looks like raveena tandon.
one afternoon i reached her home a bit early as mom gave me sweet to give her. as i entered in to the house she is in the bathroom and she asked me to sit on the sofa till she comes. i switched on the TV and was watching the cricket match highlights. she came wearing a nighty of pick colour and she looks so gorgeous in that nighty. as that is having a deep cut i can see the cut below her neck.
"madam mom gave the sweet for u please taste it" saying this my eyes are going on her boobs. she noticed that i am watching her boobs. so she said " jockey i will wear a saree so just open your books and go through meanwhile"

" no madam its ok i dont mind even if u are with nighty u are looking ok with this"

while she was about to tell something the phone rang and she went to attend the phone.

i was praying god that she should not change her nighty. atlast after finishing the phone she directly came to me and sat opposite to me. she just bent forward to opend the books and i can see the milk white boobs with her white bra. and she crossed her legs too and i could see her legs up to her knees as she was not knowing that.
my dick got erected and i was so happy that i can have good fantacy for one week.i was just watching her legs and boobs and suddenly she saw me seeing her legs. she covered them and gave a serious look. i was frightened and was just looking at the books.
then after sometime again my eyes went on to her boobs ans was enjoying. this time she caught me and asked me to go and have some water. i went in to the kitchen and had some water. now she asked me to sit beside her and asked me " jockey wat u are doing is wrong ….i am your teacher and u are my student …even if u are having bad intesions u should suppress them…"

while she was saying this again my eyes went on her boobs with out my knowledge.
this made her loose her temper and she told" ok so u are interested to see my chest ok see them and do wat ever u want but dont come here again …"

i thought this is good opportunity so u just kissed her boobs and squeezed them. she was so stunned with this action. but before she reacted i ran away.

the next day afternoon i again dared to go to her house. she opened the door and with out any expression she went inside and brought the box in which i brought the sweet yesterday.

"madam i am sorry …i dont know y did like that but i was rude yesterday ..pls forgive me mam"

she started smiling at me and said its ok now open your books. i was very happy that she welcomed me again and sat beside her and opened the books. but today she sat very close to me and was touching my thighs while she was explaining. wiht one hand she is rubbing my thigh and the othere she is explaining.

this gave me some courage i too kept my hand on her thigh. with this she stopped expalanation and said " go and latch the door …"

i did it and now she strted kissing me wildly and kept her hands in to my pants.

" now show me u are animal come on fuck me hard jockey"

i just bit her lips for more than 10 mins and removed her nighty to see her milk white boobs.
she too removed my pant and underwear and touched my hot dick that is all i came out with a hot white liquid as i was fresh.

but she started playing with my dick and with in no time it go erected to the position and she asked me to fuck her hard with wasting any time. i wanted to suck her pussy and play with her tits and butts . but as she was so wild and horny even i could not controle. so we went in to her bed room and i entered my dick in to her pussy. she screamed at once " ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gooooooooooooooooooooooodddddd hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"

this made me horny and started to give heavy stroked at once. and i know she is also enjoying that. she is putting her hands all over my body and my hairs and was screaming "ohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa "

with some heavy strokes i came out and after that i could find her pussy real wet … [/color:31cdgjfx][/size:31cdgjfx]

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